Intense Interest in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Seminar in Bursa

Intense Interest in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Seminar in Bursa
Intense Interest in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Seminar in Bursa

Students studying in the relevant departments showed great interest in the 'Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Seminars' organized by Bursa Uludağ University (BUÜ) Automotive Study Group. The program, in which the experienced names of the sector participated as speakers, was held online.

The "Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Seminars" organized by BUÜ Automotive Working Group were followed with interest by the students studying at the automotive, computer, electrical-electronics, industry, mechanical engineering departments of the Faculty of Engineering and vocational school. Within the scope of the seminars, seven online seminars were held by professionals from leading companies in the sector on the basic topics of electric and hybrid vehicles. Certificates were given to 17 students who regularly attended the seminars held between 29-242 December.


Participating in the opening part of the program, BUU Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim Guide thanked everyone who contributed to the realization of the event. Expressing his gratitude to all the guests who took part as speakers at the seminar, Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim Guide pointed out that Turkey has made a great leap forward in the automotive field in recent years. Emphasizing that they follow these steps closely and update their training programs accordingly, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim Guide; “Our Automotive Engineering Department hosts the most important academicians of Turkey in their fields. Valuable scientific studies have been carried out here for years. In addition, the establishment of a domestic automobile factory in Bursa was a great advantage for us. In order to support TOGG, which will be produced in our city, as a University, we opened the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Program in our Vocational School of Technical Sciences and Gemlik Vocational School last year and accepted students. We will have graduated our students before our domestic vehicle sets off next year. In a sense, we will be leading the way in recruiting personnel to the sector. It was a very important breakthrough for our university and the automotive industry. May it be good for our country and our nation," he said.

BUU Faculty of Engineering Dean Prof. Dr. Akın Burak Etemoğlu, on the other hand, said that they, as the Automotive Working Group, made an intense effort to increase student-sector meetings. Noting that the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Seminars were a valuable effort to bring together the sector representatives and students, Dean Prof. Dr. Akın Burak Etemoğlu thanked those who contributed and all the participants.

The first speaker of the seminars was Cadem Digital CEO Nedret Kademli. Nedret Kademli stated that as Cadem Digital, they organize many events with the teachers and students of Bursa Uludağ University; “We are very pleased to contribute to the development of our students in developing high value-added products that will shed light on their career goals and that our country needs. Our student friends' knowledge of the subject, their interest and the quality of the questions they ask have made us even more excited to support such activities. I would like to state that we will be very pleased to convey our knowledge to our fellow students on the topics that you will organize in the future and that we are experts in. In addition, I would like to remind once again that we have provided employment opportunities to some of our friends from our University after these activities and that we intend to develop our cooperation in this regard.”

One of the speakers, TRAGGER Founding Partner Saffet Çakmak; “I was very happy to meet with our Uludağ University students. Thank you again for your interest and concern. There are important opportunities for the youth of our country in the field of new generation mobility, which is one of the most critical issues of today and the future. It is important for our young people who want to follow this ecosystem, develop themselves by taking into account the technological developments in this field, and direct their careers in this field. As TRAGGER, we will continue to support our youth and educational institutions.”

Turhan Yamaç, Head of Oyak-Renault Vehicle Projects Commissioning Department; “I am very happy to be invited to the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Seminars organized by Bursa Uludağ University Automotive Working Group. The seminar, where I had the opportunity to share Renault's electric and hybrid vehicles roadmap and technologies, had a very interested and knowledgeable audience of students and lecturers. I believe that this seminar, which is one of the best examples of university-industry cooperation, will contribute to the development of the Turkish automotive industry. I hope this and similar events will continue.”

Emrah Avcı, Karsan R&D System Engineering Manager in the program speakers: “We are going through a period in which change and transformation in automotive technologies are very rapid. In this sense, it was very nice and important to share the current trends in the automotive industry with our young colleagues and to spend time with them, even on an online platform. We had a highly interactive time with the presentation and the questions we received afterwards. I would like to thank all my friends who contributed. As I emphasized in the presentation on autonomous driving, electric vehicles are a transitional phase in the transformation of automotive… The main target is autonomous vehicles. Karsan's autonomous vehicle studies have started with Atak EV and will continue on other models in the coming periods. In this context, our primary goal should be to create highly educated societies that can produce technology, use technologies and have knowledge. Here, both universities and industry play an important role. I hope we can carry out projects together with Bursa Uludağ University in the coming period, so that we can contribute to the development of know-how”.

Salih Güvenç Uslu, KIRPART Electrical Products R&D Engineer; “As Kırpart, we value electrification in automotive applications in order to keep up with technology in constant change and development. In this context, we continue to invest with increasing momentum in the design and production of electro-magnetic products in our R&D Center. We were very happy to contribute to your seminar organized by Bursa Uludağ University Automotive Working Group and to meet with the students on this promising topic. I can say that we are very pleased with our exchange of information, both in terms of the number of participants and the quality of the questions received during the presentation. I, as Kırpart, wish to increase our cooperation with this distinguished university in similar opportunities in the future.”

Barış Tuğrul Ertuğrul, WAT Engine Product and Projects Leader; “I find the activities carried out with sector representatives in our universities very important. Because addressing and discussing issues from the perspective of academia, students and industry is a great opportunity for development for the parties. In addition, it is very valuable for university students, who are the talents of the future, to understand the needs & transformation of the sector and its relationship with technological trends and to use these in determining their own career and development goals. In this sense, meeting at Bursa Uludağ University "Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Seminars" was a great pleasure for me. It was very enjoyable to evaluate the technology and user trends together and answer questions in today's day when electric vehicles are coming to the fore day by day. In addition, it was another achievement of the day to be able to see that an exciting future window was opened for our fellow students in terms of new competencies.”

TEMSA Technology Manager Burak Onur, one of the last speakers of the event, underlined that he was very pleased to give a seminar on "Battery Technologies" and interact with about 3 people, including university students and lecturers, for 270 hours. Honour; “In the seminar, I explained the developments and changes in battery technologies, starting from the history of batteries to the present. During the lecture, students interactively asked questions about frequently mentioned topics. At the end of the meeting, very good questions were asked, especially about battery chemistry, in the question and answer section. While answering these questions, we realized how much the students were interested in this subject. We will be pleased to cooperate in different events to be organized by Bursa Uludağ University in the future," he said.

The students who followed the seminars also expressed their satisfaction. Industrial Engineering – Integrated PhD Student Hilal Yılmaz; I am doing my doctorate in the priority area of ​​"intelligent transportation systems". I attended this seminar because my thesis topic is about driving planning in electric vehicles. It was a comprehensive seminar for me. The seminar topics were chosen to enable us to have knowledge on all aspects of electric vehicles and the speakers were people from the industry who were personally interested in the subject. The seminar was fruitful in obtaining comprehensive and clear information in a short time. In addition, we were informed about the companies working on electric vehicles in our country and the developments made. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the realization of the seminar.”

Ömer Görmüşoğlu, a 3rd year Automotive Engineering student; “I was very pleased with the seminars organized by the Automotive Working Group and the presentations of the experts who gave us information and guidance. It was a very high quality and productive event. I was also interested in the presentations being supported by visual elements as well as theoretical information. Almost no question was skipped and the responses to our questions were also very explanatory and satisfying. We had the opportunity to learn how the future of the automotive industry is evolving, the place of electric vehicles in our future, and what studies have been carried out in the industry on these issues.”

Onur Akbıyık, a 4th year Electrical and Electronics Engineering student; “The Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Seminar was very useful for me. Investing in the future in my career has given me an invaluable experience. I became very conscious about the professions of the future and the subjects that we need to be competent in the future. While I was conscious, I learned. Since I want to work in the automotive industry, I think this seminar will set me apart from other engineer candidates. Thank you,” he said.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4th year student Seyit Vatansever; “The seminar program was full. I think it was responsive to every request. Those who want to shape their careers have benefited, and those who need to draw their careers and be guided. Those who want to learn about electric vehicles have learned important things, and those who want to see how we are in Turkey. For those who look at the subject from different angles, like me, the seminars were insatiable. I can say that I benefited from every aspect. Thanks again to those who contributed and the seminar presenters. I look forward to brand new seminars.”

Mechanical Engineering student Hakan Alioğlu; “Within the scope of the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Seminars, we gained valuable information from the distinguished speakers. While this information was a very good guide for friends like me who were just at the beginning of the road, on the other hand, it was a seminal seminary with their telling of their experiences. I think that the speakers participating in the seminar are experts in their own fields, providing us with more accurate guidance. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the preparation of the seminar.”

Eren Çentek, a Mechanical Engineering Master's Thesis Stage student; “The Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Seminars I attended to learn more about my master's thesis and ask experienced people questions about my work not only met my expectations, but also enabled me to gain knowledge on different subjects and have greater curiosity and interest in the future of the industry. I would like to thank our esteemed university officials who contributed to the realization of the seminars and the speakers who enlightened us and answered our questions at the seminars.”

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