Last Beams Are Laid on Imran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge

Last Beams Are Laid on Imran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge
Last Beams Are Laid on Imran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge

Work continues on the 5 Million TL Imran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge, which covers the 210 kilometer new boulevard and the 75 meter long bridge of the Metropolitan Municipality. In the investment, which will enable approximately 150 thousand people to reach the city center in 10 minutes, the last beams of the 7-foot bridge are being laid.

Work is progressing rapidly on İmran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge, a 75 million TL transportation investment realized by Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality. With the investment covering the 5 kilometer long boulevard and the 210 meter long bridge connecting Ağcalı Junction, one of the most central arteries of the city, transportation to Önsen – Kurtlar location, which is described as the “new city”, will be shortened by half. The project, which was built on the branch of Aksu Stream, which creates a natural border between the north and south of the city, is expected to meet the transportation needs of 60 people in the short term and approximately 150 thousand people in the long term. While the last beams are being assembled on the 7-meter-long bridge, which was built on 210 legs in total, the ground preparations for the 5-kilometer elevated boulevard are being completed before the asphalt.

To be connected to the Airport Junction

On the other hand, work continues uninterruptedly on the new boulevard, which will allow transit between the İmran Kılıç Boulevard and Bridge and Adana Road, which was built in the same region. The new artery with a width of 55 meters and a length of 4 kilometers, where the ground excavations have been significantly completed; It will provide the transit passes of vehicles making intercity journeys without participating in the urban traffic. In the next stage, the project will be extended to the Airport Junction, and the urban traffic will be significantly relieved. Both transportation investments are planned to be made available to citizens in 2022.

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