İBB Warned! Siberian Cold is Coming

İBB Warned! Siberian Cold is Coming
İBB Warned! Siberian Cold is Coming

According to İBB AKOM data, temperatures will decrease as of Tuesday, and snowfall will occur in the higher parts of the city. Icings will be intervened through the BEUS system.

According to the data shared by İBB AKOM, the wind coming from the north will get stronger and will blow at a speed of 08-00km per hour, starting from Tuesday (tomorrow) morning hours (40:65) in Istanbul. It is estimated that the temperatures will decrease to snow values ​​again.

Since the morning hours, snow mixed rain will be experienced in areas such as Çatalca, Arnavutköy, Sarıyer, Beykoz, Şile and Aydos in the high parts outside the city center. Rainfall is expected to be effective throughout the province after the evening hours.


It is estimated that temperatures may decrease to 0°C and below due to the Siberian cold air wave, which is expected to be effective in the region until Wednesday evening. AKOM shared the expectation that icing and frost may occur due to the temperatures falling to minus.

IMM will make the necessary intervention on the roads in line with the warnings from the Icing Early Warning System (BEUS) messages installed at 60 different points against events such as icing to be experienced due to cold weather.

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