Great Increase in Vehicle Transportation by Sea in Izmir Bay!

Great Increase in Vehicle Transportation by Sea in Izmir Bay!
Great Increase in Vehicle Transportation by Sea in Izmir Bay!

The number of drivers who prefer sea transportation instead of road in Izmir increased by 2021 percent in 81 compared to the previous year. By emphasizing the increasing fuel price hikes in their transportation preferences, Izmir residents said that they saved both fuel and time with sea transportation.

In line with the target of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer to strengthen maritime transportation, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality added the 7th ferry to its fleet. The ferry named Mavi Körfez started its journey.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its works in line with the target of Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, to increase the share of maritime transport in the Gulf and to reduce the traffic load in the city. The 7th car ferry, which President Soyer announced to include in the İZDENİZ fleet, started its journey in the Gulf. With the launch of the Mavi Körfez car ferry, which started to serve with a capacity of 51 vehicles and 315 passengers, it is aimed to prevent the congestion in the vehicle waiting areas by launching two ferries during rush hour.

The increase in fuel prices increased the interest in the ferry

Increasing frequency of voyages and price hikes in fuel increase the interest in maritime transportation day by day. The rise in fuel prices due to the deepening economic crisis led drivers to the ferry. While a total of 2020 thousand 761 vehicles were transported by İZDENİZ ferries in 140, 2021 million 81 thousand 1 vehicles were transported by sea in 379 with an increase of 546 percent. Drivers reduced their journey time from Bostanlı to Üçkuyular to 25 minutes with comfortable transportation, while saving fuel consumption.

Two ferries can sail at the same time

İZDENİZ A.Ş. Operations Manager Hakan Kurtboğan said, “Since the beginning of 2021, we have been serving with our ferries with a frequency of 15 minutes. Again, we included the Mavi Ege ferry, which we rented in September last year, into the fleet. Now we have added strength to our fleet with the Mavi Körfez ferry that we have rented. As a result of the investments, our vehicle transportation figure increased by 81% compared to the previous year. Our citizens show great interest in sea transportation. With the commissioning of our new ferryboat, we were able to prevent periodic maintenance and repair periods and cancellations in case of unexpected breakdowns. Again, we will be able to prevent the congestion in the vehicle waiting areas by lifting two ferries at the same time during rush hour. In this way, our citizens will be able to reach easily during peak hours without waiting for regular departure times. We will be able to launch two ferries from the pier at the same time. We are currently operating 61 reciprocal flights on the Bostanlı-Üçkuyular line. If there is a demand from our passengers during the summer months, we will be able to move the last flight times forward on Friday and at the weekend," he said.

“Fuel and time saving”

Betül Gültekin, one of the drivers who preferred sea transportation instead of land transportation, said, “We were experiencing great difficulties in terms of traffic. from Üçkuyular KarşıyakaCar ferry always seems safer to me instead of experiencing the traffic density and stress on the way to . I can travel peacefully. Recently, we have been experiencing difficulties with the effect of fuel price hikes. Fuel prices have risen a lot, now my preference is for him in this direction," he said. Özhan Özgünay, on the other hand, said, “I both save time and rest while crossing the street and have a pleasant journey. Gasoline prices also play an active role in my use of ferries,” he said.

“I can find a ferry at any hour I want”

Sezen Külahlı, who goes to work every day by ferry, said, “First of all, I evaluate it economically. We make significant savings. I also consider time. I am a business person, I check my e-mails during my journey, I do my work. It helps in planning my day," he said.

Selin Ürkmez said, “I can travel without wasting time in traffic. I can find a ferry at any hour I want and I can cross the street very easily," he said.

What has been done to strengthen maritime transport?

In order to strengthen sea transportation, 137 new ferries were put into service with an investment of 2 million liras in the last two and a half years. The names of the ferries were determined by the votes of the citizens as Martyr Police Officer Fethi Sekin, whom we lost in the terrorist attack, and as master journalist Uğur Mumcu. The ferry named Mavi Ege, which was chartered in September 2021, joined the fleet. With the launch of the Mavi Körfez ferry on January 17, the number of ferries carrying vehicles in the Gulf has increased to 7.

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