Avoid Price Increases with Energy Efficiency Projects

Get Ahead of Increases with Energy Efficiency Projects
Get Ahead of Increases with Energy Efficiency Projects

Vat Energy General Manager Altuğ Karataş: “Energy costs are increasing in Turkey and in the world and will continue to increase. It is possible to avoid price hikes with energy efficiency projects.”

On the first day of 2022, electricity hikes ranging from 52 to 130 percent came for residential, industrial and commercial subscriber groups. This increase, which is especially close to industrial establishments, has led to an increase in costs per unit. Making a statement on the subject, Vat Energy General Manager Altuğ Karataş said, “Energy costs are increasing and will increase more and more. Because the supply and demand for electricity is increasing day by day, but the source is decreasing. If the demand for an issue is increasing and the resource is starting to decrease, this is an important indicator that the costs will increase.”


Talking about the importance of ISO50001 Energy Management Quality Management Certificate, Karataş stated that organizations that do not consume 1000 TEB or more must also obtain this certificate and complete personnel training. Karataş made the following statement on the subject: “If industrial organizations want to manage the energy they consume, they must first obtain ISO50001 Energy Management Quality Management Certificate. Factories that consumed 1000 TEB or more were required to obtain this certificate. However, all organizations that complain about the energy cost, regardless of the amount of consumption, must obtain this document and complete the personnel training. According to this methodology, he should follow his energy by managing.”


Karataş said, "Industrial organizations need to know the energy consumption points and determine where they spend more energy," and underlined the need to focus on the points where energy is spent heavily. He explained the issue with an example as follows: “If 75 percent of the cost of an industrial establishment is spent on natural gas and 25 percent on electricity, the priority should be given to natural gas consumption. It is important to consider the consumption points by going down to the lower breakdowns in natural gas consumption. Natural gas mostly to furnaces, kazanYou can spend them. If 30 percent of the consumption here is waste heat, the waste heat is recycled. kazanneeds to be lifted. Therefore, a correct method must be determined in order to establish a correct working principle. It is important to determine the energy consumption points, to go down to the lower breakdowns, and to determine how the consumption is made at which points. Because we cannot manage what we cannot measure,” he said.


Underlining the need to determine the right solutions for industrial organizations, Karataş stated that Energy Efficiency Consultancy (EVD) companies provide services in this regard. Karataş said, “Consultancy firms with high technical experience offer services on issues such as graphical and numerical evaluation and reduction of consumption by industrial organizations. Consultancy firms correctly guide industrial organizations in terms of which support and incentives they can benefit from as well as the solutions they offer. As a result of the data obtained, the energy efficiency roadmap is revealed together. As Vat Energy, we have provided services to many important industrial establishments of Turkey and implemented important application examples.”

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