Fuel Increases Increase Interest in E-Commerce

Fuel Increases Increase Interest in E-Commerce
Fuel Increases Increase Interest in E-Commerce

The interest in online shopping, which has the advantage of free shipping, increased when the cost of traveling to and from the mid-distance market by private car was 20-50 TL. The interest in online shopping with the advantage of free shipping increased as the hikes in fuel prices doubled the round-trip cost of shopping with private vehicles.

According to the research of Turkey's first cash-back shopping site, Advantageix.com, the price increases in fuel since January 1, 2021 have been 85 percent in gasoline and 103 percent in diesel.


With the increase in fuel prices, the fuel consumption per kilometer in the city of 1300 CC and below gasoline vehicles increased to 115 cents and for diesels to 85 cents.

This figure increased to 1300 cents for 1600-140 CC gasoline vehicles, 105 cents for diesels, 1600 cents for 1800-180 CC gasoline vehicles, 140 cents for diesels, 1800 cents for 2000-210 CC gasoline vehicles, and 160 cents for diesels.


Güçlü Kayral, Co-founder of Advantageix.com, stated that the cost of going to a medium distance market or shopping mall by private car exceeds 20 TL in vehicles with the lowest engine volume:

“This figure increases up to 50 TL as the engine volume increases. Naturally, these numbers increase according to the traffic density. According to Advantageix data, there has been a significant increase in online grocery shopping in recent years. We understand from the messages from our members that one of the reasons for this increase is the price hikes in fuel. They either shop at nearby markets or place their orders online. Online grocery shopping has become very attractive due to its advantages such as free shipping and early delivery, which can take up to half an hour. By shopping online, the consumer both avoids travel expenses and can access the most affordable products by using comparison sites. Shopping becomes even cheaper when you do your grocery shopping through sites such as Advantageix that offer cashback on every purchase.”

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