Metro and Metrobus Question from İmamoğlu to Erdoğan! Everything Is Ready A Signature Is Missing Why?

Metro and Metrobus Question from İmamoğlu to Erdoğan! Everything Is Ready A Signature Is Missing Why?
Metro and Metrobus Question from İmamoğlu to Erdoğan! Everything Is Ready A Signature Is Missing Why?

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu“No one will be able to prevent the construction of the İncirli-Sefaköy-Beylikdüzü metro, which will be used by millions of citizens. Projects are ready, investors are ready, financing is ready. But a signature is missing. WHY?" Here's the thought-provoking story of the sharing of the news… The project and financed by İBB, the 3,5 km Sefaköy – Beylikdüzü – Tüyap Metro, which will serve 18,4 million people on the west side of the city, is awaiting approval from the Presidency and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The very important project, which will integrate with the 6 rail system lines and relieve the metrobus and E-5 traffic, has been waiting for signature for almost a year.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) started the outdated project works of the first metro line in the western part of the city, where no investment has been made so far in terms of the rail system, in 2019. The project and feasibility studies of the metro, which will relieve the Metrobus line and E-5 traffic, were revised upon the request of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM). It was sent to the Ministry again in March 2021.

The financing of the project was provided by the Green City Action Plan agreement between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and IMM in May 2021. The investment budget has also been prepared.

Due to the lack of response from AYGM, the IMM Management held talks with the Presidency Strategy and Budget Department in November 2021. However, the Presidency; He informed that the review and approval process cannot be started without the approval of AYGM.

For this reason, the Sefaköy-Beylikdüzü-Tüyap Metro, which has all the project and feasibility studies ready, could not be included in the public investment program announced on January 15th.


The 18,43 km and 10 station Sefaköy-Beylikdüzü-Tüyap Metro, which will directly follow the metrobus axis between Beylikdüzü and Çobançeşme, will significantly reduce the demand for metrobus travel on this axis.

With the integration of the line with the Yenikapı-Atatürk Airport Light Metro Line, which meets the significant travel demand on the east-west axis of Istanbul, rail system transportation will be provided from the Historical Peninsula to Büyükçekmece and Beylikdüzü. Thus, vehicle traffic on the E5 will be significantly reduced.

Again, with the extension of the line to Esenyurt-Saadetdere, Kabataş-Integration will be provided to the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey-Esenyurt Metro. This section will also alleviate vehicle journeys on the TEM.


IMM, in this process; He applied to the Ministry twice, in August and November 2020, for the transfer of the İncirli-Sefaköy Metro, which was transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in the previous period, to the municipality.

In this request, it was stated that “Incirli - Sefaköy Rail System Line should be extended to Beylikdüzü and be made as a single line”. However, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure did not respond positively or negatively to this demand.

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