Ski Facility Opened on University Campus for the First Time in Turkey

Ski Facility Opened on University Campus for the First Time in Turkey

Ski Facility Opened on University Campus for the First Time in Turkey

Bitlis Governor Oktay Çağatay, Bitlis Mayor Nesrullah Tanğlay, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General İbrahim Güven, Chief Public Prosecutor Ali İhsan Akdoğan, Provincial Police Chief Celal Özcan, Adilcevaz District Governor İsmail Demir, Güroymak District Governor Ramazan Cankaloğlu, Mutki Mayor Vahdettin Barlak, Tatvan Deputy Mayor Necdet Ökmen, Bitlis Provincial Protocol Members, Political Party Representatives, NGO Representatives, University academics, students and citizens attended.

The opening ceremony, which started with folklore performances, continued with speeches. Eren Holding Bitlis Representative Metin Kazaz, who took the first floor, started his speech by thanking the participants and said, “Today we are living one of the happiest days. We are happy, we are proud. This facility is given to our University to Dear Ahmet Eren Bey and Eren Family, who did not spare their support from Bitlis as in every field. kazanWe thank you and thank you for bringing it up. Hopefully we will have a safe season. I wish our facility to be beneficial to our city and university.” said.

Making a speech, our University Rector Prof. Dr. Necmettin Elmastaş, on the other hand, stated that our university has left 14 years behind since its establishment, that it will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year, and that Bitlis Eren University has become an important higher education institution in our country and our region in this short period of time. sports skills that will strengthen their personal development kazanWe organize various activities that enrich social and cultural life. The ski center we have established here today will also serve such a purpose. It will be a facility at the service not only of our students, but also of ski lovers of all ages and levels who are devoted to skiing.” said.

Giving technical information about Bitlis Eren University Ski Center, Rector Prof. Dr. Elmastaş said, “The length of our ski track is 400 meters and the line length is 380 meters. Telesky, on the other hand, has a carrying capacity of 1.000 people per hour, a single rope fixed clamp and 28 hangers. Our ski facility, which is the first Ski Center established in the University Campus area in Turkey, has been opened to the service of all our staff, students and citizens from Bitlis as of today. This Ski Center will be a facility that anyone who loves skiing can easily benefit from.” said.

Talking about the contributions of Eren Holding, our Rector Prof. Dr. Necmettin Elmastaş said, “This facility, which costs approximately 2 million TL, will be transferred to our University and Bitlis Province. kazanI would like to express my gratitude once again to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Ahmet Eren, and to the Eren Holding family, who have never spared their support in almost every field since the establishment of our university. It has been and continues to be very important support in the physical development of our university. On behalf of my University, I would like to thank them for their admirable contributions. I wish our Ski Center, our University, our students and Bitlis good luck. Especially the Vice Rector and Head of Physical Education and Sports Department Prof. Dr. I would also like to thank all our academic and administrative staff, especially Mustafa Atlı.” said.

Bitlis Deputy Vahit Kiler sent a telegram message and wished the Ski Center good luck.

After the opening speeches, the symbolic opening ribbon was cut. Later, professional skiers performed a ski show. After the performances, the ski center opening ceremony ended.

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