Diyarbakir Reborn from the Ashes

Diyarbakir Reborn from the Ashes
Diyarbakir Reborn from the Ashes

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality implemented projects that changed the face of the city in the center and districts. The Metropolitan Municipality carried out works that add value to the city in a year in the city center and districts, from the restoration of the Diyarbakır Walls, to the central and rural roads, from the landscaping of parks, gardens, boulevards to youth and sports investments.

“Resurrection on the Walls” continues

The Metropolitan Municipality continues the restoration works on 98 of the 24 surviving bastions of the walls.

The restoration work started by the Metropolitan Municipality on the Benusen, Yedikardeş, Selçuklu, Urfakapı and Nur bastions of the Diyarbakır Walls on August 10, 2020, includes the construction of the retaining walls surrounding Amida Höyük, 11 inner castle bastions and 2 outer castle bastions in the Inner Castle, and the construction of Dagkapi and One Body. 1 bastions were included in the scope of the study, with the addition of restoration works on the known bastions 2, 5, 7 and the bastions 8 and 24.

In addition, 300 independent structures adjacent to the walls in the Benusen region were expropriated for a cost of 15 million liras, revealing the splendor of the city walls.

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Kurşunlu Mosque Square is bright

The Metropolitan Municipality carried out landscaping work to make the Fatih Paşa (Kurşunlu) Mosque square, which is located in the historical Sur district and is the first Ottoman work in the city, more aesthetic.

In the afforested square, 800 square meters of basalt border, 800 square meters of basalt formation stone and 2500 square meters of cubestone, unique to the city and suitable for the nature of the place, were laid on the ground, while decorative lighting poles were used for lighting.

Fiskaya Waterfalls flowed again

The Metropolitan Municipality made the Fiskaya Waterfall, which has an important place in the city's history and tourism, flow again. A glass terrace and cafe were built, allowing you to see the Hevsel Gardens and the Tigris River together. The waterfall, which was made flowing again, gained a colorful appearance with the lighting.

Roads are being renewed

Widely used in the city center, Dr. Ahmet Bilgin, Mir Cembelli and Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan Boulevard and Rızvan Ağa, Evrim Alataş, Ahmet Kaya, Avşin, Mastfroş, Riha, Hilar, Dr. Yusuf Azizoğlu, Cemiloğlu, Bediuzzaman, Hayati Avşar, Ahmet Arif, Dr. Şeref İnalöz, Mimar Sinan, Prof. Dr. Road renewal works on Selahattin Yazıcıoğlu, Siverek, Hippodrome road, Kumlu street have been completed.

Continuing its activities with the goal of "1200 kilometers of roads to the countryside", the Metropolitan Municipality carried out the planned surface coating and parquet flooring work in rural neighborhoods in 17 districts.

Diyarbakir will be Turkey's logistics base

The Logistics Center, which will be a first in the Southeast, will be established on 217 hectares and become Turkey's largest logistics base.

In the center where there will be 11 warehouses of 16 thousand square meters with railway berthing, 12 warehouses of 500 thousand 8,5 square meters with an area of ​​​​600 thousand 11 square meters without railway berthing, 2 warehouses of 900 thousand 23 square meters, licensed warehouse silo area of ​​161 thousand 500 square meters, a railway terminal, a truck park with 700 vehicles, a fuel station. will be found.

The signing ceremony of the "Diyarbakır Logistics Center" tender, which will open Diyarbakır to the Middle East and Central Asian markets, was held on October 28, 2021.

The 50-year-old garbage problem threatening Diyarbakır has been solved with EKAY

The Metropolitan Municipality completed the first phase of the EKAY (Integrated Solid Waste Management) project, which has been polluting Karacadağ, the city's drinking water source, for many years and could not be done by any administration, in a short time like 66 days.

With the project, which was carried out with the build-operate-transfer model, the leachate caused by the smoke, bad smell and garbage in the wild storage area in the Karacadağ region was prevented from mixing with the drinking water resources. With the established facility, electricity was started to be produced from the garbage.

2021-2022 Culture and Art Season is dedicated to FeqiyeTeyran

The Metropolitan Municipality dedicated the 2021-2022 Culture and Art Season to Feqiyê Teyran, one of the most important and well-known Sufi poets of Classical Kurdish Literature.

The Metropolitan Municipality organized 425 cultural and artistic events throughout the year, which attracted the interest of people of all ages from Diyarbakir.

Diyarbakır turned green with 67 thousand trees planted

The Metropolitan Municipality decorated the streets and boulevards of the city with 2 million 200 thousand summer seasonal flowers and 1 million 221 thousand winter seasonal flowers and 200 thousand tulips produced in its own greenhouse.

1382 thousand trees were brought together with the soil in the city center and districts with the afforestation campaign and planting works such as the “Diyarbakır Conquest 67 Memorial Forest” initiated for a greener city.

Landscaping was done in the cave of Ashab-i Kehf

The Metropolitan Municipality made the landscaping of the Ashab-ı Kehf cave in Lice within the scope of the Conquest of Diyarbakır. 28 thousand people stood together to pray in the "Companions and Awakening Day" event held on Friday, May 5.

Paraglider to Piraziz

The Metropolitan Municipality made the landscaping of the Pir Aziz tomb, which is located on a high hill in the Piraziz Mountains of the Kuyular District of Hani and visited by thousands of citizens.

Since the region is suitable for paragliding, a paragliding track was built in the area.

Diyarbakir is being rediscovered

Nature walks were organized to bring Diyarbakır to the forefront with its historical and touristic beauties. Following the application made to UNESCO for the inclusion of Karacadağ in the geoparks network, a bicycle tour and a nature walk were held to increase the awareness of the region.

A nature walk was organized to the caves where Alexander the Great hid his army during his eastern campaign in Lice district, and to the Birkleyn Caves, one of the springs where the Tigris River originates.

Wildardı and Şeyhandede waterfalls are registered as Nature Parks

Wildardı and Şeyhandede Waterfalls were registered as Nature Park by the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks.

The Nature Conservation and National Parks Provincial Branch Directorate and the Metropolitan Municipality will build facilities suitable for nature, which will bring the region to tourism and meet the needs of nature lovers who will visit it daily, with the project they will start soon.

Full support for education

Metropolitan Municipality gathered all youth activities under one roof, Awakening Youth studies, 7 thousand 250 children benefited from "information houses", 7 thousand young people benefited from "Academy High Schools" and 220 young people benefited from "Guest House Girls' Dormitory".

2021 Year of Nuts

The Metropolitan Municipality supported the farmers for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry and carried out work in rural neighborhoods.

After the declaration of 2021 as the year of nuts, with the "Development of Nuts Cultivation Project" carried out jointly with the Metropolitan Municipality, GAP Administration, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, 2021 thousand 2022 decares in 5-500 and 2023 thousand decares in 45. It is aimed to make it one of the most important centers of Turkey with its hard-shell fruit garden.

Diyarbakir did not leave orphans alone

Metropolitan Municipality extended a hand of compassion to 1000 children with the orphan support project. In addition, "Social Assistance Card" to 12 thousand 222 families, food packages to 48 thousand 624 families, clothes to 1514 people, sick beds to 66 people, 18 wheelchairs, 4 thousand 800 hygiene and cleaning packages.

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