Commercial Vehicle Drivers Not Recognizing the Rules Could Not Evade IMM Inspection

Commercial Vehicles Without Rules Could Not Evade IMM Inspection
Commercial Vehicles Without Rules Could Not Evade IMM Inspection

Those who choose passengers, those who smoke at the wheel and those who say they are the taxi across the street, could not escape the control of IMM Traffic Police Teams. The teams kept 2021 minutes about those who violated the rules in 160 inspections carried out in 838. The licenses of 6 taxis that tried to collect excess fees were suspended for 910 days, while the commercial vehicle licenses of the taxi drivers were suspended for 176 days.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Police Department Traffic Police Teams; conducted inspections in line with the relevant legislation for taxis, minibuses, minibuses and other public transportation vehicles. Traffic Police Teams, which inspect the same vehicles more than once, in 2021; A total of 86 thousand 621 inspections were carried out, mainly 58 thousand 382 commercial taxis and 160 thousand 838 minibuses. 6 thousand 910 minutes were kept about those who were found to have acted against the rules. 2 million 800 thousand 491 TL administrative fine was applied. In addition, 24 thousand 792, 153 Solution Center and CIMER complaints from citizens reached a conclusion.


In the inspections carried out by the Traffic Police Teams;

  • 1.408 from working without a permit,
  • 800 for transporting with an unregistered driver,
  • 153 for not having embossed license plate and ALO 419 sign for visually impaired passengers,
  • 330 for not having a fire extinguisher,
  • 278 for transporting more passengers than the number of seats (seat increase-decrease, seat sizes, distance between seats, etc.),
  • Selection of passengers, not taking short-distance passengers and not turning on the taximeter
  • 141 from stopping and parking in prohibited places
  • 106,
  • 102 for the use of tobacco products during transportation,
  • 38 for not breaking glass and not having a distress hammer,
  • 1.272 administrative actions were taken, a total of 5 thousand 31, for not complying with other rules.


Within the scope of civil taxi inspections initiated by the Police Department in the last quarter of 2020; 2 thousand 913 inspections were carried out by the civil police teams for the taxi drivers who try to collect extra fees by not taking passengers in short distances. In this process, the licenses of a total of 176 taxis were suspended for 10 days, while the commercial vehicle licenses of the taxi drivers were suspended for 20 days.


In addition to the routine inspections carried out, new inspection models were also put into practice at the points where there were intense complaints. IMM Traffic Police teams started to ensure that citizens, who were not accepted to taxis due to various reasons (I am a taxi opposite, my change time, a lot of traffic, etc.) in locations with intense complaints, get on taxis through the Constabulary team.

The teams managed the process, organized the taxis at the taxi waiting points and helped the citizens to reach the taxi. Citizens who wanted to take a taxi were put in the first taxi in order, regardless of the distance, according to the order of arrival.

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