He had two closed surgeries at the same time at the age of 84, regained his health

He had two closed surgeries at the same time at the age of 84, regained his health
He had two closed surgeries at the same time at the age of 84, regained his health

Mustafa Gürgör, 84, living in Izmir and suffering from abdominal pain, regained his former health after two operations on both his gallbladder and kidneys.

Gürgör, who was found to have gallstones and tumors in his right kidney as a result of the examinations, was discharged within 3 days with the closed laparoscopic and robotic surgery methods applied.

İzmir Private Health Hospital Urology Specialist Prof.Dr.Burak Turna stated that thanks to robotic surgery, the patient recovered quickly despite his advanced age and was discharged.

Prof.Dr.Burak Turna said, “When Mustafa came to our hospital, he was diagnosed with an inflamed gallbladder. While investigating the cause of this disease, a tumor was detected in the right kidney as a result of imaging. Kiss. Dr. After Taner Akgüner's laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, we also intervened with robotic surgery using the same incisions. We removed the tumor while preserving the patient's kidney, and we performed two interventions for our patient in one operation. He's in good health right now. We wish him good health in his next life," he said.


Stating that the margin of error in the operations is minimized thanks to robotic technology and the surgeries have achieved higher success rates, Turna gave the following information: “Robotic surgery is a method applied with minimal incisions. The da Vinci Robotic Surgery system, which is the most advanced example of robotic surgery systems in the world, provides advanced mobility and precision in narrow surgical areas as well as three-dimensional image technology. The instruments used in the robotic surgery system completely imitate the surgeon's wrist movements and with their 540-degree rotating features, it makes difficult and sometimes impossible surgeries to be performed with the closed method, with laparoscopic surgery. Thanks to the real image obtained in three dimensions and 16 times magnification, it is possible to clean the tumor with precision, especially in cancer patients. In addition, due to the closed method of the surgery, smaller incisions are made and it also provides patients with less scarring and a cosmetic advantage. Since each of the incisions made are smaller than 1 cm, the patient recovers in a much shorter time and gets up in a short time and returns to social and, more importantly, family life. Since it is minimally invasive, the risk of post-operative pain and infection is also significantly reduced.

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