Artech is Preferred in the Best of Europe

Artech is Preferred in the Best of Europe
Artech is Preferred in the Best of Europe

In addition to the manufacturing industry in Turkey, Cizgi Teknoloji offers special solutions for the defense industry and marine industry, and takes part in prestigious projects in the field of transportation and health with its "Digital Signage and Kiosk" product group. Cizgi Teknoloji offers “Digital Information Solutions” to Istanbul Airport, one of Turkey's prestigious projects, managed by IGA Istanbul Airport Operations Inc.

Innovative solutions such as Wayfinding Kiosk, Indoor Totem and Info Kiosk, developed by the company with domestic resources and offered to the market under the Artech brand, allow passengers to find the places they are looking for easily and in an extremely practical way at the airport, which was selected as the "Best in Europe*" by ACI in 2021.


Giving information about Artech Info Kiosk products, which provide a digital passenger information experience, Cizgi Technology Marketing Communication Specialist Dilara Pineiro stated that the product is positioned in the areas needed at the information points where the density is high at Istanbul Airport.

Noting that with the aforementioned digital information solution, passengers are able to connect to the call center via audio and video, and experience interactive information and contactless service, Pineiro said, “Our Info Kiosk has been designed for the comfortable use of every passenger profile in accordance with international standards. Kiosk screens are inclined and at a height where wheelchair users can easily operate.” said.


Dilara Pineiro stated that the product can be thoroughly disinfected within the framework of the hygiene rules, which have become even more important in the pandemic, that it is durable and resistant to impacts such as bumps and knocks, and the rounded edges provide safety against falling and impacts.

Stating that the barcode on the boarding pass or the e-ticket on the mobile phone can be easily scanned from a distance of 150 cm, Pineiro said that Info Kiosk has created a special map for passengers to help them reach their destination as quickly as possible, and also allows them to make live video calls with the call center representatives in the language of their choice. he said he knew.

Pineiro said, “Our solution provides one-click access to weather and time information at the current airport or destination, the status of inbound and outbound flights, the arrival and departure times of the passenger, the location information of the baggage collection bands of the flight, and much more.” he concluded by saying.


With its "Digital Signage and Kiosk" product group, the company provides services to many sectors from transportation to education and health, from retail to sports and entertainment.

While there are self-service machines in the kiosks, there are special software and display systems that provide information and digital communication on the Digital Signage side. Passenger information used in transportation, patient guidance systems in hospitals, digital posters in the foyers or entrances of movie theaters, and information screens for meeting rooms are also located under this product group.

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