ABB's Free Computer Training for Mukhtars Attracts Great Interest

ABB's Free Computer Training for Mukhtars Attracts Great Interest
ABB's Free Computer Training for Mukhtars Attracts Great Interest

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its education projects without slowing down within the scope of social municipality understanding. Having started to provide technology trainings to the headmen of the capital city, the Department of Headmen's Affairs and the Department of Women and Family Services are now organizing free computer courses for the headmen of Sincan Yenikent, after Polatlı, Çubuk and Akyurt, upon popular demand.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which closely follows technological innovations, gives priority to technology trainings in order to keep up with the age of every age and professional group from 7 to 70.

In this context, free computer training initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in order for the headmen of the Capital City to provide faster and higher quality service to the citizens, to communicate more effectively and to keep up with the technology attracts great attention.


Upon the high demand for the 2-month computer training, which was started in Polatlı, Çubuk and Akyurt in the first place, with the cooperation of the Headman's Office, the Department of Women and Family Services, it was also started for the district headmen of Sincan Yenikent.

In computer courses to be held 2 days a week; Many technological applications, from the basic use of the computer to the use of social media, from Muhtar Ankara to the Başkent Mobil application, are explained to the muhtars practically and theoretically.

Stating that they want to ensure that the neighborhood headmen are better equipped with the course held at Yenikent Ortapınar Youth Center, Head of the Head of the Head of Head of Headmanship Önder Yanmaz gave the following information about the training they organized:

“After our computer course, Çubuk and Akyurt, for which we first started the pilot in our Polatlı district, we now continue in Sincan Yenikent. In line with the demands of our mukhtars, we provide these trainings free of charge. We receive positive feedback from our mukhtars regarding the trainings we provide in company with our computer teachers. We want our mukhtars to serve the citizens better equipped. In particular, we asked our teachers to explain the use of social media, Muhtar Ankara, and their practices in EGO CEP. We are also happy that they have started to use both social media and the applications of our municipality. In line with our possibilities, we will continue to offer these lessons in cooperation with them in case of requests in the districts where we have Family Life Centers and Youth Centers.”


Ortapınar Yenikent district headmen, who did not know how to use a computer or wanted to improve themselves by attending the course, thanked Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş for providing this service free of charge, with the following words:

Fatma Şirin (Mayor of Justice District): “I'm glad we attended computer training. We are faced with a very productive and beautiful project. Here we learn what we do not know. We are pleased to offer such an opportunity to mukhtars. The fact that it was given free of charge was also an advantage for us.”

Beşir Göçer (Menderes District Headman): “We receive these trainings in order to use the computer better. We want to serve our people in a conscious state on the computer. I am very happy to attend this course. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.”

Ali Üstündağ (Fevziçakmak District Headman): “In this course, we learn what we do not know. We get better results. We have qualified teachers here. We are very pleased with this sleep.”

Ünal Uyar (Akçaören Neighborhood Headman): “First of all, we would like to thank our President Mansur for his service to us. We learn what we do not know on the computer from our well-equipped teachers. I believe we will provide better service. There are a lot of things we don't know, we learn about them. This training will make our work even easier.”

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