6 Terrorists Neutralized in the Operation Olive Branch Region

6 Terrorists Neutralized in the Operation Olive Branch Region
6 Terrorists Neutralized in the Operation Olive Branch Region

The heroic Turkish Armed Forces carried out Operation Olive Branch 4 years ago to break up the terror corridor that was wanted to be created in the south of our country, to neutralize terrorist organizations such as PKK/KCK/PYD-YPG and DAESH, to save the people of the region from their oppression and to ensure the security of our borders.

Within the scope of the operation, which started at 20 on 2018 January 17.00, within the framework of our right of self-defense arising from international law, our Air Force first struck terrorist targets from the air. In memory of our 72 martyrs in Operation Euphrates Shield, the first attack was carried out with 72 aircraft belonging to our Air Force. Subsequently, Hero Mehmetçik started a land operation in the Afrin region from the east, north and west directions.

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Despite the harsh weather and terrain conditions, Hero Mehmetçik, who got his strength from the prayers of our noble nation, entered the terror dens, which are the product of a superior mind and built from concrete, one by one, and buried the terrorists in the tunnels they dug with their dreams.

Even if the operation was delayed, civilians and the environment, especially historical and religious buildings, were not harmed. The targets to be hit were determined with the meticulousness of a jeweler and neutralized. Afrin did not become like Raqqa, Aleppo, Mosul and Eastern Ghouta that other countries destroyed, and thanks to the sensitivity of the TAF, the city's infrastructure, architecture, historical and religious structures were not damaged.

Operation Olive Branch, which was carried out in full view of the whole world, in accordance with international law and respectful of human rights, concluded successfully after 57 days as planned. Since then, the hero Mehmetçik has neutralized a total of 6 terrorists in the region. With the operations of the TAF, an area of ​​370 square kilometers was also made safe.

After the terrorists were cleared from the region, extensive mine and IED clearance was carried out, and humanitarian aid and infrastructure support activities were carried out to normalize life.

We commemorate our heroic martyrs who fought at the expense of their lives in the Olive Branch Operation with mercy, gratitude and respect, and wish our hero veterans a healthy and happy long life.

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