400 Degree Protection for Airbus A360M Aircraft from TAI

400 Degree Protection for Airbus A360M Aircraft from TAI
400 Degree Protection for Airbus A360M Aircraft from TAI

The integration of the Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) system, which was applied for the first time to the A400M military aircraft produced by Airbus, was carried out by TAI. The knowledge gained in the project, the design and production processes of which were completed successfully, can also be used in possible structural system integrations in ATAK and ANKA in the future.

The Airbus A400M is a military aircraft with four turboprop engines designed by Airbus to meet the air transport demands of the armies of European countries. There are many systems developed to protect this aircraft, which is also in the inventory of our army, from possible attacks. Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) is one such system. Previously, the British Air Force had internally integrated this system into the A400M at the expense of the warranty process. TAI is at the heart of the first official integration project carried out by Airbus. The system, which can detect incoming missiles with its warning unit, ensures that the aircraft is protected even from hand-held air defense systems. For the first time in the A400M aircraft program, "From Painting to Production", that is, from production technology with ready design data, to "From Design to Production", that is, the process of creating design data by TAI. The production and delivery processes of 405 detail and sub-assembly parts are managed for the DIRCM Project. The system, which provides 360-degree protection to the aircraft with the integrated DIRCM hardware, can detect multiple missiles at the same time with its multi-target capability.

TAI currently designs and manufactures front-middle fuselage, tail cone and rear fuselage upper panel, fins/speed brakes, paratrooper and emergency exit doors, final assembly line support, as well as all body wiring, lighting and water/waste systems in the A400M program. He also undertook the first degree design and supply responsibility of all interior and exterior lighting systems, waste / clean water systems. TAI has also included the DIRCM structural design and analysis, equipment assembly design, retrofit solution design, detail part production, assembly and a total of 2 kilometers of new cable manufacturing for each aircraft. kazannagged.

A first in the world

The official integration of the "Guided Infrared Countermeasure" system into the A400M aircraft was an unprecedented project. The German Air Force turned to the manufacturer Airbus to integrate these systems into its existing aircraft. Developing its production and integration experience day by day, TAI came to the fore as the company that undertook the project in 2019. In order to integrate the system, cuts had to be made on the left and right sides of the front middle fuselage of the aircraft, called section 13. Power units also had to be placed at the base of the aircraft, and equipment placements had to be planned in the rear tail cone. The first stage in the project was the design and coordination of the interfaces. In addition to these, there was also the production of parts that will change on the plane, which is known as the cabling of the aircraft, designed by Airbus and produced by TAI.

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