19 Billion Dollars of Exports from the Turkish Automotive Sector

19 Billion Dollars of Exports from the Turkish Automotive Sector
19 Billion Dollars of Exports from the Turkish Automotive Sector

The automotive industry, which is the locomotive sector of the Turkish economy, made sales of 18 billion 966 million 187 thousand dollars to EU countries.

The sector, which made sales to nearly 200 countries, autonomous and free zones last year, achieved an export of 15 billion 29 million 342 thousand dollars with an increase of 795 percent compared to the previous year.

Looking at the country group basis, EU countries ranked first in Turkey's automotive exports with a share of 2021% in 64,6.

Last year, 2020 billion 11 million 18 thousand dollars were exported to these countries with an increase of 966 percent compared to 187. EU countries maintained their position as the most important market in automotive exports.

Foreign sales to the "Other European countries" group, which the United Kingdom is included in after leaving the EU, increased by 32 percent and reached 3 billion 581 million 195 thousand dollars.

4,1 billion dollars of exports to Germany, the main market

Looking at the countries to which the most exports were made last year, Germany, the main market of the Turkish automotive industry, drew attention as the country to which the most automotive exports were made, with an increase of 2020 percent compared to 17.

Automotive exports from Turkey to Germany, which was 2020 billion 3 million 569 thousand dollars in 893, increased to 2021 billion 4 million 167 thousand dollars in 666.

Germany was followed by France, the second main market, with an increase of 14 percent. In 2020, 2 billion 962 million 942 thousand dollars of automotive exports were made to France, and in 2021, 3 billion 371 million 418 thousand dollars were exported.

In automotive exports, the United Kingdom is the third with a 39 percent increase and 3 billion 93 million 557 thousand dollars, Italy is the 3th with a 15 percent increase and 2 billion 448 million 548 thousand dollars, Spain is the 4th with a 15 percent increase and 1 billion 606 million 540 thousand dollars. was ranked.

Among the top 10 exporting countries, 7 of them were registered as EU countries.

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