15 Percent Increase in the Capacity of the Ready Meal Sector

15 Percent Increase in the Capacity of the Ready Meal Sector
15 Percent Increase in the Capacity of the Ready Meal Sector

The ready-to-eat food industry, which operates over 4 throughout Turkey, has an important position in the economy and employment. The sector, which has an annual business volume of 6,5 billion dollars, provides direct employment to 400 thousand people and indirectly 1,5 million people. AŞHAN Chairman of the Board of Directors Şemsetdin Hancı pointed out that with the opening of schools in the normalization process, there has been a revival in the sector, and that there will be an employment increase of around 15 percent in the sector.


Looking at the data announced by the Federation of Turkish Food Manufacturers Associations (YESİDEF), the capacity increase experienced with the opening of schools will reach around 15-20 percent by the end of the year.

Drawing attention to the fact that the increase in capacity will directly affect employment, AŞHAN Chairman of the Board Şemsetdin Hancı said, “Due to the closures, there were fluctuations in the ready-made food sector, as in every sector. As the industry, we were negatively affected by the factors such as the use of materials, product shipments and the increase in product prices brought about by the pandemic conditions. In addition, there has not been a great decline in the sector, except for offices, companies, plazas and schools. Along with the normalization process, the mobilization experienced in the sector brought with it an increase in capacity and employment. In this process, the opening of workplaces, companies and schools has a large share," he said.


“In this context, we, as a company, produce more than 300 thousand pax per day. Our total number of employment is currently 3 thousand, we were planning to reach around 2022 thousand personnel by the end of 4 with our new projects. In line with the demand in the market, we increased our employment target from 2022 thousand at the end of 4 to 5 thousand with additional jobs. In addition, we aim to increase our size from 2022 million TL to 30 billion 750 thousand with our growth target of 1 percent in 300”.


Hancı said, “The ready-to-eat food industry will show a trend in this direction by growing a little more each year in the coming years. The young population in Turkey continues to increase. With the growth to be experienced in the sector in parallel with the population increase, an annual growth of over 10 percent will occur. In this direction, it is necessary to increase the number of qualified companies and qualified personnel so that there is no deficit in the sector. The biggest problem of all companies is the shortage of qualified personnel. This need exists in every industry. As a company that carries out environmentally sensitive studies in Europe's largest mass food production facilities, which is 80 thousand square meters, we work meticulously to increase our employment targets day by day.”

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