Employment Support from KOSGEB… 100 Thousand TL per Person

Employment Support from KOSGEB... 100 Thousand TL Per Person
Employment Support from KOSGEB... 100 Thousand TL Per Person

The "Quick Support to Micro and Small Businesses" program initiated by KOSGEB was activated. KOSGEB Eskişehir Manager Tarık Yılmaz and SME Specialist Mustafa Ekiz announced the details of the project on ESO TV Live Broadcast. Sharing live broadcast that the planned employment-oriented support is to increase employment and preserve the employment of existing personnel, Tarık Yılmaz said, “Within the framework of the program, a newly graduated personnel who was born in 1981 and after and has not worked more than 3 days in the last 180 years should be employed for 12 months. 100 thousand lira reimbursed support will be given per employee to be employed. Micro and small businesses that meet the conditions will receive 100 thousand lira reimbursed support for each staff they will employ. Micro enterprises will be able to use this support up to 2 personnel and small enterprises up to 5 personnel. Stating that this support will be 110 thousand TL in businesses owned by women or employing female personnel, Yılmaz said, “There is a special situation for female business owners here. There is a support of 110 thousand TL in the employment of female business owners or female personnel,” he said. Stating that the support will be given to businesses in the manufacturing, computer, programming, scientific R&D sectors and some service and trade sectors that are relatively more affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, Yılmaz emphasized that the support will be provided on the condition that the average employment of 12 months is maintained before the application announcement.

Stating that a new personnel can be employed in accordance with the conditions in case the personnel who are committed to employment within the scope of the support leave/change the job, Yılmaz explained that those who benefit from the 1st and 2nd phases of the program can apply to the program in this period, provided that they meet the conditions of the new application period.

Stating that businesses that are considered to be active before the epidemic can apply for support, Yılmaz said, "A minimum of 2019 thousand lira net sales revenue in 75 will be considered as a requirement to be an active business before the epidemic." Reminding that the amount of support is non-refundable for 2 years and will be refunded in 2 equal installments for the next 6 years, Tarık Yılmaz said, “Support applications have started, and businesses registered with KOSGEB with SME Declaration approved will be able to apply via e-government until March 31, 2022. Please keep in touch with us regarding these supports. Our SME Experts will be in contact with you.”

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