Artifacts from the Roman Period Found in Ankara
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Artifacts from the Roman Period Found in Ankara

With the restoration works carried out within the scope of the Archeopark Project of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB), many movable and non-movable artifacts belonging to the Ancient Roman Period were found. Archeopark, the region where historical finds were found during scientific excavations [more…]

All About Blindfold Surgery

All About Eye Draw Surgery

Eye drawing surgery performed to eliminate visual defects in the eye provides permanent elimination of eye disorders such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Refractive errors in people's eyes, contact lenses or [more…]

Benefits of Growing Walnuts

Tips for Growing Walnuts

Co-Minister of the Walnut Producers Association (CÜD), Ömer Ergüder, gave information about what should be considered for those who want to invest in walnuts. While the importance of healthy living and conscious nutrition has increased with the pandemic, [more…]