Don't Forget To Have Your Mandatory Traffic Insurance

Don't Forget To Have Your Mandatory Traffic Insurance
Don't Forget To Have Your Mandatory Traffic Insurance

While the "Mandatory Traffic Insurance", which is compulsory and must be renewed every year, provides financial security for the insured, penal action is applied to those who do not.

Every motor vehicle in and out of traffic is required to have “Mandatory Traffic Insurance”. With this insurance, which is compulsory to be made by the state, material damages that occur in the vehicle of the other party after an accident that may occur can be covered. If the insurance is not taken out, the vehicle is banned from the traffic, and it cannot be taken to the traffic during the period when the insurance policy is not made.

Underlining that the compulsory traffic insurance, which is valid for 1 year, must be renewed every year, ÖzserNEO Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage General Manager Ramazan Ülger said, “Mandatory traffic insurance is a type of insurance that is regulated according to the Highway Traffic Law No. 2819 and is made compulsory for every vehicle owner. The insurance covers the damages that may be caused to the other party's vehicle and third parties as a result of an accident. For this reason, compulsory traffic insurance provides financial security for vehicle owners.

If the insurance is not taken out, it is strictly forbidden to drive the vehicle on the road. If the vehicle is found to be in traffic without traffic insurance, a ban is imposed and the vehicle is towed to the parking lots of traffic branches. In order not to experience such a situation and not to have to pay a fine every day that it will be kept in the parking lot, a vehicle without traffic insurance should not be put on the road.

There is a penalty for not having this insurance, which is required to be renewed every year. For this reason, the renewal times of the insurance policy should be followed regularly. said.

General Conditions Should Be Dominated

Stating that the compulsory traffic insurance is only valid within the borders of Turkey, Ramazan Ülger continued his words as follows: “It is a very important issue for the people who will take out compulsory traffic insurance to have knowledge of the general conditions of traffic insurance. Under general conditions; There are issues such as guarantees, situations excluded from coverage, obligations of the insurance company and payment of indemnity. In the traffic insurance general conditions published by the Insurance Association of Turkey, the scope of the insurance, its main guarantees and the non-guaranteed conditions can be examined in detail.

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