Chain Markets Want 100 Percent Increase in Bags

Chain Markets Want 100 Percent Increase in Bags
Chain Markets Want 100 Percent Increase in Bags

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change held a meeting with the parties to discuss the bag prices to be applied in 2022. At the meeting, which was held with the participation of bag manufacturers, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, consumer associations and the biggest chain markets in Turkey, the issue of price hike was the scene of heated discussions. Chain Markets, which demanded that the prices of plastic bags, which started to be sold to the consumer for 2019 cents with the paid bag application started in 25, to be increased by 2022 percent in 100 and sold for 50 cents, insist on the price increase in question.

Making a statement regarding the bag price to be applied in 2022, PAGEV President Yavuz Eroğlu reacted to the demand for a raise by Chain Markets in his speech at the opening of Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2021 Fair, which they organized in cooperation with TÜYAP. Reminding that plastic bags were made for a fee with the aim of reducing environmental pollution and providing a conscious consumption model, Eroğlu said, “When the paid bag application started in 2019, 25 cents of 15 cents was left to the state and 10 cents to the marketer. By 2020, according to the revaluation rate, the share going to the state increased to 18 cents and 7 cents remained for the market. In 2021, 19.6 cents of the bag goes to the state and 5 cents to the pocket of the marketer. In summary, the share left to the marketer has gradually decreased and now the eyes are turned to the revaluation rate for 2022. If there is no increase in bags in 2022, 25 cents will go to the state's coffers and the share of the markets will be zero. Chain Markets, which want to prevent this, want the bag to be sold to the consumer for 25 cents by increasing the price of 100 cents by 50 percent. Thus, before 2019, Chain Markets bought the bag with their own money and offered it to their customers free of charge, kazanMaya aims to continue,” he said.


Pointing out that the serious turbulence in the global economy and the increase in foreign exchange due to the pandemic made inflation fragile, Eroğlu underlined that especially low-income citizens are struggling to make ends meet, and continued his words as follows: There were decreases of . This decrease in consumption was recorded as a loss for bag manufacturers. Despite the negative impact of the paid bag application on production and employment, our producers supported this decision, which was taken with the aim of reducing environmental pollution and spreading the conscious consumption model, and made the necessary sacrifices. Now is the time for Chain Markets to make sacrifices. After all, before the paid bag application started, Chain Markets used to buy the bags with their own money and give them to their customers for free. Today, he demanded that the bag sold for 2019 cents be sold for 80 cents and made money from here. kazanThe man is being chased. We do not agree with the view that the markets are less than 25 cents. Those who say this can only be those who do not know the price of a bread and the minimum wage today. As PAGEV, we do not find the increase demand of Chain Markets correct. In our opinion, bags sold for 25 cents should not be increased and Chain Markets should pay money on bags. kazanInstead of this, it should cover the bag money from its own budget, as it was before 2019. Otherwise, the burden on the low-income citizen, who especially takes a livelihood magazine, becomes heavy. Low-income citizens cannot make Chain Markets rich. The income from the bag should not go into the pocket of the marketer and should be used entirely in projects related to environmental protection. Consumer Associations, like us, are against the idea of ​​a 100 percent increase in bags. Considering the economic conjuncture that Turkey is going through due to the pandemic, we expect the Chain Markets' demand for a hike not to materialise. What will be the bag prices in 2022? The answer to this question will be given by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. After receiving the opinions of the parties on the subject, the Ministry will announce the price of the bag, which will come into effect as of 1.1.2022, after the last study.


Plast Eurasia Istanbul is opening its doors for the 30th time. Plast Eurasia Istanbul, which is the second largest international fair held every year in the world and the largest in Turkey and Eurasia, is organized by TÜYAP in cooperation with PAGEV (Turkish Plastics Industrialists Research, Development and Education Foundation). TÜYAP and PAGEV postponed the fair to 2021, taking into account the health risks caused by the pandemic last year. Stating that there will be participation in a wide geography this year at the Plast Eurasia Istanbul Fair held in Istanbul Büyükçekmece TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center, PAGEV President Eroğlu said, “This year's giant organization is attended by 34 companies and company representatives from 670 countries. We will meet with more than 100 visitors from over 50.000 countries.”


In the fair organized by TÜYAP in cooperation with PAGEV; Stating that the newest technologies, machinery and equipment were showcased, Eroğlu continued his words about the organization, which witnessed productive collaborations for the sector, as follows: “Plastic machinery, machinery sub-industry and intermediate industry, molds, recycling machinery, raw materials and chemicals, heat and control devices. All curious innovations in cooling systems, hydraulic and pneumatic products are meeting with our sector representatives at Plast Eurasia Istanbul Fair. Organized on an area of ​​120 thousand square meters, the Fair will host more than 50 thousand visitors. With the digital solutions offered to the participants of the fair, commercial cooperation started before the fair date and will continue after the fair.”

Emphasizing that Plast Eurasia Istanbul Fair has a strategic importance in terms of showing the power of the industry, Eroğlu said, “Our industry, which ranks 6th in the world and 2nd in Europe after Germany, produces 10 million tons of plastic products. Our plastics industry, which contributes to our economy with its investments, production and exports, provides employment for 250 thousand people. It contributes to our country's economy," he said.


Speaking at the opening of Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2021 Fair, TİM President İsmail Gülle said, “As exporters, we continue to provide serious support to the Turkish economy, as seen in the latest growth figures. Our plastics industry is also one of the strongest members of our exporter family.” Bülent Ünal, Chairman of the Board of TÜYAP, who spoke at the opening of the fair, said, “We have made Plast Eurasia Istanbul, which we started from scratch with PAGEV, into a brand today. We are proud to organize Plast Eurasia Istanbul, the second largest plastics fair held every year in the world, for the 30th time in cooperation with PAGEV.”

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