Grant Support Given to Underground Mining Operations Reached 5,3 Million Liras

Grant support given to underground mining enterprises reached million lira
Grant support given to underground mining enterprises reached million lira

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security transferred another 80 million TL grant to 1 underground mining enterprises within the scope of the Project for the Improvement of Occupational Health and Safety in the Mining Sector (MISGEP).

Sixth grant support was paid to 80 underground mining enterprises, beneficiaries of the MİSGEP Financial Support and Guidance Program. Grant support of 1 million lira in November and 5,3 million lira in six months was provided to beneficiary workplaces in return for the service they received. With the said support, the costs of occupational health and safety (OHS) services of beneficiary workplaces were contributed, and the entire cost of recruiting OHS professionals for 80 out of 56 beneficiaries was covered.

For this support, which is given in return for the OHS service received by the underground mining enterprises, it is required that an occupational health and safety professional be appointed in the workplaces and that the payments for this service are made by the employer. Workplaces receiving support can appoint an OHS professional among their employees, as well as receive this service from the common health and safety units.

Technical Guidance Activities Continue

In addition to financial support, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security continues its technical guidance activities to monitor and support the field applications of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in Mining Workplaces. Within the scope of these studies, guidance activities based on accident root cause analyzes specific to beneficiary workplaces are carried out by expert teams. In addition, the monthly “Technical Bulletin” specific to underground mines and root cause analysis reports for work accidents supported by visuals are prepared and shared on the project's website ( and the project's social media accounts.

The technical guidance activities of the project will gain momentum with the second site visits that will start in December. Financial support and technical guidance support of the Ministry will continue for 24 months.

Günceleme: 07/12/2021 13:36

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