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In recent years citizenship With the aim of acquiring real estate in Turkey, it is becoming widespread. The reason for this is the law on the sale of property to foreigners, which came into force in recent years. Thanks to this law, real estate investment has become attractive for foreigners by making it easier to acquire property in our country. propertytr firm offers the most comprehensive real estate consultancy service in the sale of property to foreigners, whether for citizenship or investment purposes.

 Sale of Property for Turkish Citizenship to Foreign Nationals

In Articles 2644 and 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 36, the possibilities of foreign citizens to purchase real estate in Turkey are regulated. A residence permit is not required to purchase real estate in Turkey. This means that you can buy real estate even without a residence permit. citizenship These practices are of great importance for foreign nationals who think about it.

As a result of the recent events in the Middle East, our country hosts a large number of foreign citizens. Foreigners who have purchased real estate in Turkey with a value of at least 250.000 USD or invested 500.000 USD or more. citizenship With the legalization of granting housing, the requirements for owning a home in Turkey are increasing day by day. propertytr real estate consultancy offers all the real estate consultancy services you will need for acquiring real estate in Turkey.

 Investment Opportunities in Turkey with Poperty TR

People with capital are constantly looking for profitable investment opportunities to capitalize on their savings. While considering where to invest the money we have saved to secure our future or realize our dreams, we come across many investment opportunities. The power of these various investment instruments increases and decreases according to the dynamism of the changing world.

Some investors are risky but high kazanWhile they prefer investment channels that offer the opportunity to kazanIt continues to swim in calm but safe waters. Especially in the last few years, with the emergence of new investment tools such as cryptocurrencies, people have started to evaluate their savings with real estate investments that they believe are safe. But what are the best real estate investment opportunities? In this respect propertytr real estate consultancy firm will be your most important assistant.

What is Buying Real Estate in Turkey Like in terms of Investment Opportunities?

One of the most popular foreign investment opportunities in recent years is real estate investments. If you like the location of the property you bought, you can sell it for 3 or 4 times the price you bought it. Recently, many foreign citizenship buys houses in our country for While answering the question of whether there is a profit from real estate investment, we also note that the real estate price increase will increase in a few years. It will always be profitable to buy houses that are close to vehicles such as metro, metrobus and easy to reach. Offering comprehensive real estate consultancy services propertytr You can easily access the detailed information you need with the company.

How does a foreign national buy a house in Turkey?

Foreign nationals who want to buy a house and property in Turkey must first make an appointment. Online entry can be made through the land registry system of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. In order to sell real estate to foreign citizens, the following documents are required:

  • real estate deed
  • Identity card or passport (you can request a translation of these documents if necessary).
  • Real estate market certificate from the municipality
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK)
  • Property valuation reports

In addition, a real estate valuation report must be obtained. The real estate analysis report is valid for 3 months after the date it is made. The appraisal report showing the value of the real estate in the period to be acquired must also be recorded in the TAKBİS online system of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. In case of execution of the power of attorney, the original and certified copy of the power of attorney issued abroad are required. In case one of the parties cannot speak Turkish, it is obligatory to act with a sworn translator. In order to provide convenience to foreign citizens in all these complex processes, propertytr The firm provides all necessary real estate consultancy services.

What should foreign citizens pay attention to when buying a house?

Foreign nationals who want to buy property in Turkey should consider the following points:

  • You should inquire whether there is a situation that prevents the house you are going to buy from being sold, such as a mortgage or foreclosure. This information can be obtained from the General Directorate of Land Registry, Cadastre and Cadastre.
  • A contract should be signed with an intermediate company whose reliability is guaranteed.
  • In case of disagreement between the parties regarding the sale of real estate, a lawsuit must be filed in the court of the Republic of Turkey.
  • It is not sufficient to make a pre-emption agreement in the presence of a notary public for the sale. Official transactions must be made in the land registry.
  • The registration fee to be paid when buying a home is paid by the buyer and owner of the property.

citizenship In order for foreign nationals who want to own real estate in Turkey to avoid problems in the above-mentioned issues, propertytr The firm provides the highest quality real estate consultancy services. For detailed information You can take advantage of the opportunity to acquire property in Turkey in an easy way by visiting the address.

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