What is a Digital Price Tag?


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Putting an end to the price differences in the shelf and the safe digital price tag It is a system that minimizes the margin of error. The time required for manual change has encouraged the transition to an electronic system in labels. In these labels, the incompatibility between the case and the label is eliminated, and price changes are reflected on the labels instantly. In order to get the desired performance from the products, it is beneficial that the labels are produced by a company that is experienced and professional in this field.

In the use of paper labels, printing, placing and changing are all done by humans. This situation, which causes waste and labor costs, also takes a lot of time. If tags are not updated correctly, customer relations are also negatively affected. To prevent such situations, electronic shelf labels are widely used. Decorative and space-saving labels that consume less energy, easily synchronize with data, eliminate unnecessary workload. Labels in the whole store can be automatically edited with a single button. These labels, which are becoming more common day by day, can also create a solution to paper waste.

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Digital Price Tag Features

Facilitating product pricing digital price tag Data can be transferred over WLAN in a few seconds. All information to be used can be controlled centrally. This system, which offers comfort especially in areas with high retail traffic, gives maximum efficiency and performance. Labels used with customized hardware solutions build the foundation of next-generation networks.

Labels have sizes starting with 2.13 inches and continuing up to 5.8 inches in size. Large labels often include images representing the product. The QR code to be placed on each label provides access to detailed information about the product over the internet and the comments of the product from social media. Such information has a direct impact on the purchase of the product.

What is a Digital Price Tag Apple

Why Digital Price Tag?

perfectly manufactured digital price tag brings with it many advantages. These labels, which increase the shelf completion speed, are very effective in cases where there are too many products with the same quality. Supports error-free work while placing products on the shelf, increasing the shelf feeding time by approximately 50%. Labels, which ensure that each product is placed in the right place in the store, offer a single center management facility. Campaign management, light routing, product information management and operational efficiency are among the known benefits of these labels. Labels, where productivity is increasing day by day, are dominated by designs that will keep the user experience high. You can have each of these features with the difference of Sensormatic under the most suitable conditions.

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