What Does the Society 5.0 Academy Aim for?

What Does the Society 5.0 Academy Aim for?
What Does the Society 5.0 Academy Aim for?

Hatice Kale, Member and Founding Partner of the Society 5.0 Academy Advisory Board, broadcasted on ST Industry Radio and hosted Dr. “Digital Transformation and Society 5.0” prepared and presented by Hüseyin Halıcı SohbetHe was a guest of the program “Advanced”.

Stating that they set out to create a social value, and that they attach importance to cooperation as the basis of Society 5.0 is a system transformation, Kale expressed that they want to be a reliable platform. Emphasizing that one of the most important features of the academy is the network, Kale said, “We aim to be involved in activities that will guide digital transformation, educate, inform and raise awareness, and be in continuous development.” says.


Hatice Kale talked about the reasons for the establishment of the Society 5.0 Academy, the work they will do under the umbrella of the Academy, and their goals; “Society 5.0 Academy, while supporting the willingness of brave institutions that want to create social value to contribute to their sustainable development goals, is positioned as a platform that wants to present the role model reflection of cooperation within itself with a focus on social benefit. Therefore, while doing things, we also need to show a role model approach. Working together is very valuable. We need to focus on development goals as soon as possible. Yes, there are very good works, but I think we should unite. Because Society 5.0 is basically a system transformation and you cannot do it alone. Therefore, I think that we can achieve this system transformation with the leadership and unifying power and cooperation of opinion leaders like you.”


Dr. Hüseyin Halıcı underlined that they want to contribute to the society and the new generation; “The world, societies are changing. Today, a business person is not just a business person, a scientist is not just a scientist, or it is no longer possible for a normal working person to continue his life as a normal working person.

Now generations have duties to contribute to society. From the hunting society to agriculture, to industry information communications, to super-intelligent societies, from Society 1.0 onwards before, someone did something and left it to someone else. We are now living in a period where this is at the highest level. On our side, we can easily see that the members of the Society 5.0 Academy Advisory Board have passed certain levels and are now at a level that will contribute to the society. In summary, we need to be both ethical and courageous and contribute to raising the new generation or the current generation by conveying this correctly.” said.


Society 5.0, explaining the aims of the academy, Hatice Kale; “Society 5.0 Academy; We aim for the young people to experience leadership skills in business life, where they can take part in real projects under the mentorship of our business people. We aim to develop joint projects in cooperation with our universities and high schools in raising our young people with entrepreneurial spirit. We call this title “transforming with the youth”. Involving young talents in the digital transformation process and contributing to the ecosystem kazanAmong our goals is to encourage We aim to prepare young people with a sustainable model for the digital transformation and development processes of our industry by developing the competencies of university graduates in meeting the needs of the industry and to make their development permanent. In this context, we will establish valuable collaborations, and our negotiations continue. At this point, trust and sustainability are very important.

As Society 5.0 Academy, we aim to be a pioneering institution, a platform that contributes to the adaptation of all stakeholders of digital transformation to the digital transformation journey of society. We aim to be in activities that will guide digital transformation, educate, inform and raise awareness, and to be in continuous development. One of the biggest features of our academy is the network. In other words, it is important to share experiences within the academy network and to contribute to the transformation by developing it in continuous cooperation.”

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