Village Children Achieved Their Dreams With Music

Village Children Achieved Their Dreams With Music

Village Children Achieved Their Dreams With Music

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality supported the "Little Hands Project", which was initiated to bring children in the rural neighborhoods of the city together with music. The project, which provides instruments to children with an interest and talent in music and brings them together with trainers, has reached 60 children so far.

Village children, who try to keep their love of music alive by tying a broom and making drums for yoghurt bowls, and who could not get an instrument and music education due to financial difficulties, achieved their dreams with the "Little Hands Project". The project, initiated by music trainer and vocal artist Yılmaz Demirtaş and carried out with the support of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, reached 7 children between the ages of 18 and 60 in Bornova Yakaköy and Kemalpaşa Vişneli villages. With the support of volunteer artists, children; He became acquainted with instruments such as baglama, guitar, pumpkin violine and violin. He met in the magic world of music with his rhythm and choral works.

Thanks to President Soyer

Music trainer and vocal artist Yılmaz Demirtaş, who thanked İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer for supporting their work for village children, said, “With this project, we want to protect our cultural values ​​and ensure that our children living in villages receive musical education. The project started with instrument donations. Later, various supports started to come from our artist friends. We started to progress slowly with my musician friends in Izmir. Many thanks to our president. He gave support. Thanks to the project, we ensure that children stay away from bad habits. We prevent them from spending time on the Internet, even if it is a little bit. They discover both themselves and their talents.”

I started giving concerts at home.

Erdem Barut, a music student, said, “I had never played the baglama before. I came when I heard that lessons were being taught here. When I first got the baglama in my hands, I thought I couldn't play, I wanted to quit, but as I continued, I soon learned. I was very happy when I played the baglama. I always work at home. I also give concerts to my mother and father at home.”

I'm opening up

Learning to play the guitar shortly after starting the lessons, Hiranur Çetin said, “I feel very good. "I came here and started to realize my dreams," he said. Çağrı Acıoğlu said, “We have a choir here. I sing and play the guitar. I am so happy. My teachers are very interested in me, I love them very much. When I sing, my heart opens up. This is how I feel like pouring myself out. It is very entertaining,” he said.

This has become my second home

Eymen Akar, who stated that he learned very good things, said: “This is like my second home, I feel happy and safe here. I sing to my mom and dad at home. They are also very happy.”

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