Time in Instagram Management KazanTips to whine

Time in Instagram Management KazanTips to whine
Time in Instagram Management KazanTips to whine

Using Instagram for brand awareness and sales in the digital environment, especially after the pandemic period, is now a must for every business. In a survey conducted by Facebook, 83 percent of respondents said they use Instagram to discover new products and services. However, managing Instagram effectively can sometimes be difficult and complex, especially for small businesses. Communication Professional Gamze Nurluoğlu manages her Instagram account in 3 steps. kazanShe shares her tips.

Managing Instagram effectively can sometimes be difficult and complex, especially for small businesses. The inability to produce the content to be shared in a timely manner, the day and time to be shared, being busy and forgotten, the lack of time for monthly reports, the inability to respond to comments and messages… The list goes on and on, but as Instagram increases its influence day by day, it is time to take action, especially for small businesses. In a survey conducted by Facebook, 83% of respondents say they use Instagram to discover new products and services.

While managing an Instagram business account, it is possible to take some steps to make things easier and increase the impact. Instructor and digital communication professional Gamze Nurluoğlu manages her Instagram account in 3 steps, while saving time for businesses. kazanHere are the tips to avoid:

1. Use a Shipment Scheduler

It is necessary to create a frequency for sharing content on social media. This both feeds the algorithm and builds trust in followers. That's why regular content sharing is vital.

It is important that you share your Instagram stories and posts on the day and time that appeals to your audience. Because each brand has a time zone and day in which its target audience is active. Instead of doing the posts manually by setting an alarm on your phone, you can use Facebook's Creator Studio tool for free. By connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook page, it is possible to automatically share your posts on the day and time you wish in Creator Studio. In addition, if you want to change the time and day of your post, you can reschedule. When you enter all the content you have prepared on your Instagram account in the Creator Studio panel, automatic sharing will be active when the day and time comes. Now “I need to share content, is it over time?” You can devote your time to improving your business instead of having such worries.

2. Use Reporting Tools

Another issue that is as important as sharing regular content in the use of social media; analyze. Knowing how many people your content reaches at the end of the day and how much interaction it receives gives an idea about preparing your next content. Following the growth of the account can also be understood as a result of the analysis. There are reporting tools developed to see these analyzes as often as you want. Unfortunately, it is difficult to calculate this data manually, especially in high-follower accounts; because sometimes it can be so complex that reaching the wrong data can cause you to make a wrong assessment. It is possible to analyze the pros and cons of your account with these reporting tools, which provide all the necessary metrics to evaluate an Instagram account. If you follow the growth of your account systematically, this will give you time for both management. kazanIt will also help you to make an effective social media management.

3. Use Moderation Tools

If you have an Instagram account with high followers, moderation; It is one of the most basic and time-consuming tasks. Messages and comments waiting to be answered tire you out and hinder potential purchases. For this reason, it is very important that you respond to messages and comments sent to your Instagram account instantly and 7/24. As the messages and comments pile up, all your content that you have prepared and shared with effort loses its effect on your followers; because followers who can't get an answer to their question stop connecting with the account and turn to other accounts that will listen to it.

Using an officially approved messaging automation system by Instagram instead of doing the moderation manually takes a lot of time in managing your Instagram account. kazanwill stop. For this, the tool at the top of my list is; InstaChamp. Developed by MobileMonkey, Instagram's first official messaging automation tool, InstaChamp, has the ability to respond to your followers' comments, messages and even story tagging at any time of the day. With InstaChamp, it is possible to increase sales while also connecting with your followers. An accessible Instagram account that listens to its followers; is always valuable.

If you want to devote your time to producing new products and services and creating creative content, InstaChamp; will be your biggest supporter in the field of moderation.

In the new year, it will be easier to manage your Instagram account and your business will grow step by step.

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