They Have Clenching Disease Due to Economy

They Have Clenching Disease Due to Economy
They Have Clenching Disease Due to Economy

Due to the dynamism in the economy recently, the incidence of bruxism, which is called the boss disease, has increased. Due to bruxism, which is seen in many people, especially business people, tradesmen, and those who are afraid of losing their job, patients can break their teeth, damage their dental fillings, suffer from jaw joint, ear, head, face, neck and back pain.

'Going asleep'

DentaLuna Clinic Owner Dentist Arzu Yalnız, who gave information about bruxism, said, "In this situation, which is usually in the sleep state, the person does this unconsciously and does not remember when he wakes up, but he feels pain in his teeth and jaw muscles."

'Increased by 40%'

Stating that this ailment, which is also defined as the boss's disease, is more common especially in recent months due to the dynamism in the economy, Arzu Yalnız said, "The incidence of this disease, especially among business people and especially those in the boss and managerial positions, is high during periods of widespread economic distress, sudden fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates, and political turmoil. It shows an increase of 40s. We are currently in a similar period. Therefore, we have many patients who experience this problem and apply for treatment. Because people live in great uncertainty. This uncertainty and stress can be seen in the manager of a large company and also in the white-collar workers who are afraid of losing their job in small tradesmen.”

Is there a solution?

Stating that the treatment of bruxism differs as well as its causes, Dentist Arzu Yalnız gave the following information about the solution: “For the solution of night clenching, night plaques made specifically for each patient can be used. This is a removable denture, a plaque placed on the teeth. Apart from using this plate at night, we recommend some of our patients to use it, especially when doing activities that require focus, such as reading a book or working. Because the contraction continues throughout the day. Treatments for the relaxation of the muscles can be applied, as well as the solution of dental problems can also solve the problem. Botox can even be used to relax the muscles. Restoration work can be done to restore the teeth. On the other hand, psychological support can be taken for stress or drug injection can be applied for bruxism. In summary, the cause and solution for this is different for everyone.”

May disrupt skeletal structure

Arzu Sol, who warned that when such discomforts are felt, immediately consult a doctor and take precautions as soon as possible, said, "Otherwise, the discomfort that starts with clenching may extend to such dimensions that it can disrupt the skeletal structure."

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