Codes of Beauty Spoken

Codes of Beauty Spoken
Codes of Beauty Spoken

Successful make-up artist Merjen Gökçek told the secrets of correct make-up at Next Level AVM. Managed by JLL Turkey, Next Level AVM, one of the most decent shopping centers in the capital, hosted the famous make-up artist Merjen Gökçek, who is followed with great interest by women.

At the event, where visitors showed great interest, Gökçek shared the codes of the right make-up, practically. Pointing out that the skin must be cleaned before make-up applications, Gökçek said, “Even if we wash our face, we must clean it with facial cleansing products before make-up. Because the dust outside sticks to our face, so we need to prepare our skin for make-up,''he said.

Stating that every skin is different and colors should be chosen according to the skin tones of the people, Gökçek stated that even the face shape of people can change with wrong make-up applications, and that it is very important to use the right product at this point. Pointing out that foundation should be preferred on special occasions, not constantly, so that the skin can breathe, Gökçek said, “If there is no problem with the skin, it is more appropriate to use BB cream instead of foundation when making daily makeup. I recommend the use of transparent powder as a powder,'' he said.

Gökçek, who also showed the correct make-up application in practice, answered the questions of the participants.

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