Sound-Driven Technology for the Visually Impaired from Toyota

Sound-Driven Technology for the Visually Impaired from Toyota
Sound-Driven Technology for the Visually Impaired from Toyota

By breaking new ground in the automotive industry, Toyota removed the barriers for the visually impaired after the hearing impaired. Now, visually impaired people will be able to easily access all the services offered by Toyota with sound-oriented technology.

Toyota Turkey Pazarlama ve Satış A.Ş. put into use sound-oriented technology that "removes barriers" for the visually impaired as well as the hearing impaired for the "freedom of movement for everyone". This technology, developed by BlindLook for the visually impaired, was used by an automobile company in Turkey for the first and only time by Toyota.

With sound-oriented technology, visually impaired people will be able to access Toyota's products and services by accessing the website or downloading the iOS phone/tablet application. They will be able to easily access all Toyota's authorized dealers and services in Turkey, get all kinds of information about the models and solve their potential problems.

With the work done, Toyota is among the brands on the BlindLook platform and deserves to receive the EyeBrand certificate. kazanwas. Toyota was also among the brands on the BlindLook platform and received the "EyeBrand" award on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, along with the Visually Impaired Brand (EyeBrand) certificate, and became the first brand in the automotive industry to be deemed worthy of this award.

Bozkurt “Toyota is the leading brand”

Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Inc. CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt also stated that Toyota plays a pioneering role in every innovation that facilitates human life, as it does in automobile technologies;

“Toyota, which is taking firm and determined steps towards becoming a mobility company, has been working with the automotive industry for 85 years to offer innovations that touch people and benefit society. Our goal is; To ensure social integration with the services provided despite all obstacles in a world where everyone moves freely. In this context, we have carried out a number of studies in our country and continue to do so.

We have now added the solutions we have developed for the hearing impaired to the solutions we have commissioned for the visually impaired. In addition, we created Toyota Accessible Plazas by improving the physical conditions at the dealers, with our approach of “Every dealer is a barrier-free facility”. We continue our improvement works by evaluating 360 degrees in this direction. This is where Toyota is delighted to do its part to break down barriers and ensure equal mobility for all.”

A “barrier-free” world with mobility

Deciding to become a "mobility company" for a world where everyone from 7 to 77 moves freely around the world, Toyota continues to prove that it is always with its customers with the mobility solutions it offers. Within the framework of the concept of “mobility”, Toyota aims to offer high-tech products that will enable the disabled, people with limited mobility due to illness, the elderly, and all individuals, from the smallest to the oldest, to move freely, comfortably and with pleasure.

About BlindLook

BlindLook is a social enterprise that develops freedom technologies to liberate the visually impaired in social life and in the digital world. Established in Turkey in 2019, the venture started operations in the USA and England in 2021. BlindLook has a user pool of 3 people in 350.000 countries. 80% of users live in Turkey. BlindLook develops freedom technologies so that the 285 million visually impaired people around the world can freely participate in life.

Founded in 2019, BlindLook received 2 different national and international awards from many prestigious institutions such as Google and the United Nations in a short period of 8 years. kazanwas. BlindLook has partnered with more than 30 corporate brands for an equal and barrier-free world. BlindLook, which was established with the vision of being an accessibility gate opening to the world from Turkey, is working to expand its US and UK operations. BlindLook is powered by the dream of an accessible world for everyone and works to create a barrier-free world.

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