Investigation Request from the Court of Accounts to TÜVASAŞ!

Investigation Request from the Court of Accounts to TÜVASAŞ!
Investigation Request from the Court of Accounts to TÜVASAŞ!

TÜVASAŞ's audit report revealed what happened in the production of electric trains, which is one of the 'national' projects. In the report, it was requested to open an investigation regarding the faulty practices in the National Electric Train Project (EMU) and the costs paid for the unfinished works.

According to the news of Nurcan Gökdemir from BirgünThe audit report of TÜVASAŞ, which was incorporated into TÜRASAŞ (Turkey Rail System Vehicles Industry Inc.) after the legal entity of the Court of Accounts was terminated on July 30, 2020, revealed the irregularities experienced in the production of electric trains, one of the "national" projects of the government.

In the work of increasing the operating speed of the National Electric Train Set project, carried out with the Blue Engineering company, from 160km/h to 225km/h, many faulty transactions were made. In the report, it was requested to open an investigation regarding the faulty practices in the National Electric Train Project (EMU) and the costs paid for the unfinished works.


According to the information in the report, the production of the electric train set with a speed of 4 km / h within the scope of the National Electric Train project with a cost of 450 million 160 thousand Euros was given to the foreign company Blue Engineering. Later, in order to increase the speed of the train, the exception provisions of the Public Procurement Law were used and a goods purchase contract of 890 thousand Euros was signed with this company. A performance guarantee letter of 53 thousand 400 Euro was received from the company. Auditors of the Court of Accounts emphasized that it is "remarkable" that the purchase of goods within the scope of the exemption is preferred instead of increasing the business, since the increase in speed is related to the project.

After the contract was concluded, TÜVASAŞ informed the company, which did not agree to make a discount, that it would liquidate the contract. It was also reported that the company was not accepted because its design was not marketable and was not at a level that would meet the needs.

However, the company asked for 200 thousand Euros for the liquidation of the contract. The company was informed that this would not be accepted, but no sanctions were imposed, such as a banning decision or recording of the collateral as income. In the meantime, it was decided to terminate the contract and negotiate with the design firms. However, Blue Engineering was among these companies. The auditors stated that they could not find anything in the files regarding the purchases, what kind of difference this new purchase had from the previous purchase, why it was considered a new concept, what were the errors and deficiencies in the old design.


TÜVASAŞ signed a contract with Molinari Rail GmbH for 564 thousand Euros this time. However, this company did not complete the work on time and stated that he could not get the desired result from the subcontractor he had agreed with, and if he signed with a new company, an additional cost of 390 thousand Euros would occur.

TÜVASAŞ did not accept this and terminated the contract. From the payment of 157 thousand 920 Euros, 26 thousand 320 Euros were requested from Molinari. However, the company did not accept this and stated that if the payment of 244 thousand 240 Euros is not made, a lawsuit will be filed. Within the framework of this dispute, which was still not resolved at the date of the audit, TÜVASAŞ paid 67 thousand 680 Euros for the works that were not done.

In the inspection report, for the construction work that turned into a snake story, it was stated that "Multiple faulty applications made by TÜVASAŞ in the National Electric Train Work caused the delay of a very important project and at the same time, unnecessary payments were made for unfinished works". In the report, it was stated that there is a risk of paying the compensations demanded by the companies. In the report, which drew attention to the fact that 200 thousand Euros could be paid to Blue Engineering and 244 thousand Euros to Molinari, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was recommended to open an investigation.


Two more tenders, which were requested to be the subject of investigation, were included in the report. General Manager İhsan Kocaarslan, who was also an AKP deputy candidate, was shown as the address in these tenders.

It was stated that 3 million 657 thousand TL loss was caused by making a temporary acceptance in the "Sandblast Cabinet Supply and Assembly Work" in an improper manner. It was stated that this was caused by the "authority consent" given by İhsan Kocaarslan, who was the General Manager of the period, for the provisional acceptance.

In addition, it was determined that the administration suffered a loss due to the improper temporary acceptance of the inspection and acceptance commission in the "Wet Paint Application and Drying Care Cabinet" business.

TÜVASAŞ was able to borrow 9 million 809 thousand liras to the company by issuing a deduction slip without issuing a temporary acceptance certificate. Due to the problems experienced later, the company was informed that the contract would be terminated. However, the company demanded the payment of 1 million 249 thousand Euros, as the invoice was finalized due to the fact that it was not objected to.

It was requested that an investigation be launched to identify those responsible, as the contractor's main defense base was again the General Manager Kocaarslan's approval allowing provisional acceptance.

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