Intense Interest in USTAM Kocaeli Project at SANTEK Digital Fair

Intense Interest in USTAM Kocaeli Project at SANTEK Digital Fair
Intense Interest in USTAM Kocaeli Project at SANTEK Digital Fair

Vocational and technical skills of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to young people who are out of formal education kazanThe USTAM Kocaeli Project, which will continue to work and prepare them for direct employment, continues at full speed. USTAM Kocaeli Project, which participated in the SANTEK Digital Fair, which was held for the seventh time in the past days, attracted great attention from companies and citizens.


Participating in the SANTEK Digital Fair, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Addressing the industrialists in his speech, Tahir Büyükakın said, “As Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, we continue to train and certify qualified personnel with a big project we call USTAM Kocaeli Project. All our work in the field of workshop and training is complete in order to train qualified personnel that the industry needs. As an employer, we think that it will be a great convenience for you if you guarantee the employment of these qualified personnel.” President Büyükakın thus emphasized how important the USTAM Kocaeli Project is for the employer and the industry.


USTAM Kocaeli Project, targeting our young people who are out of the formal education age and do not have any profession, aims to contribute to employment by providing application-oriented vocational and technical trainings to individuals in the fields needed by the industry. As an employment-oriented vocational training project, USTAM Kocaeli Project recruits competent new masters to the workforce every year. kazanaims to climb. Applications continue in the fields of Dry Ice and Industrial Maintenance Personnel, CNC Milling and Turning Operations, Industrial Robot Operations, Machine Assemblers, Machinery and Mechanical Maintenance and Repair and Basic Electricity. You can find detailed information and apply on the page.


In order to report their qualified personnel needs, companies must first create a business registration on Course requests, job/internship announcements can also be made on the page. In line with the criteria of the company, age, gender, graduation, residence, etc. details can be determined. Courses are opened for application according to the requested course criteria. Candidates who meet the branch criteria can apply through the system. The pre-selection process can be carried out by holding the Vocational Qualification Exam before the training and, if requested, a preliminary interview. Within the scope of the USTAM Kocaeli Project, only the professions where the sector has difficulty in finding personnel are opened for training.

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