What is a Bearing, Where Are Bearings Used?

Akar Bearing
Akar Bearing

Known as a kind of machine parts bearing types It is contained within two rings moving in opposite directions. These rings, which create the least friction, move through rollers or balls. It provides the transmission of motion with minimum power and has different load capacity depending on its type. absorbing the effect of friction roller consumes less energy. In this way, motion is transmitted with minimum loss. In order to get the targeted efficiency, you need to be careful in the selection of bearings.

Bearings, which are widely used in daily life, are used in many machines with axial or circular movements. These parts, which are also expressed as precision machine elements, are produced with meticulousness and advanced technology. It consists of 4 main parts in terms of its structure and can be produced in different sizes.

The number of companies specializing in bearing production worldwide is limited. The reasons for this are that the production of bearings is difficult, the surface quality is high, the hardness of the materials used in production, the experience and serious investment requirement for mass production.

Mite Bearings
Mite Bearings

Where Bearings Are Used

Inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements and cage are among the main parts of bearings. The cage can be brass, steel or polyamide. Every piece produced is ISO compliant. Thanks to the standardization of the parts, each bearing becomes suitable for its intended use.

The usage areas of bearings are too wide to be predicted. In vehicles, machines, washing machines, hair dryers, propellers, motors, bicycles, fans, trains, subways, white goods and many more bearing types used. Bearing selection is made depending on the size and function of the machine to be used. In some places, more than one type of bearing can be used at the same time. It is stated that the first use of bearings dates back to 1883 and has become increasingly common since then.

Mite Bearings

What are the Bearing Types?

Produced by experts in the field bearing types are classified according to the rolling elements and the loads to which they are subjected. Accordingly, the category of rolling element type includes ball bearings and roller bearings. Bearings according to the loads they are exposed to are expressed as radial and axial bearings. Ball bearings with the highest rotational speed make less contact with the surface than roller bearings.

Thrust ball bearings, on the other hand, consist of ball assembly, shaft ring and housing ring. This type of bearings are manufactured to function in both double and single directions. Akar Rulman, which delivers the bearings produced in other countries to you, offers all the features you need. bearing types for distributorship.

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