Railway Works Under Construction in Kayseri Discussed

Railway Works Under Construction in Kayseri Discussed
Railway Works Under Construction in Kayseri Discussed

The 'On-Site Solution Team' established by Metin Akbaş, General Manager of the Republic of Turkey State Railways, carried out project and solution studies in Kayseri. The team later went to Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Dr. He visited Memduh Büyükkılıç and discussed the railway works in the city.

General Manager Metin Akbaş made investigations in Kayseri with the "On-Site Solution Team" for modernization and new projects in railways. The delegation discussed solutions to make the level crossings safe.

The delegation, which also examined the Boğazköprü Suburban Platform, which is the project of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, exchanged views on the integration of the project to the TCDD road. The delegation worked on a new project to expand Boğazköprü Commercial Ramp Logistics Center and make it more functional.

Visit Boğazköprü Station and talk to the staff sohbet General Manager Akbaş said, “The suggestions of our friends working at the stations are important to us in order to make things work better and to solve possible problems in a short time. They are experiencing the possible problems themselves. We produce the solution together. We are working together to produce projects and solutions for a stronger TCDD.” used the phrases.

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After the field investigations in Kayseri, the second stop of General Manager Akbaş and On-site Solution Team was Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. Akbaş, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Dr. He visited Memduh Büyükkılıç in his office and discussed the ongoing and ongoing works in Kayseri.

General Manager Akbaş said, “We are removing 4 level crossings in the center of Kayseri. We will build an underpass and side roads. We are developing joint projects with our mayor. We are expanding the logistics center and planning new lines to increase employment and trade support.” said

Saying that we are ready to give every support to TCDD, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç said, “We are providing services to our people by investing in this country. We provide a lot of support to our General Manager Metin Bey about investments and railways in our city, and we produce solutions.” said.

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