Public Arrangement to Charging Stations

Public Arrangement to Charging Stations
Public Arrangement to Charging Stations

The use of electric vehicles is increasing day by day all over the world. Accordingly, studies and developments in the infrastructure continue. Ayşe Ece Şengönül, General Coordinator of, one of the charging operator companies with the widest distribution with 250 charging points in our country, said, “Today, there are approximately 7 thousand vehicles in Turkey and over 1.500 charging stations serving these vehicles. It is expected that there will be 2030 million electric vehicles and approximately 1 thousand charging stations by 20. In the coming period, people's habits will change, and instead of getting energy from the fuel station, they will be able to charge their vehicles at their homes, workplaces, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, recreation facilities and many more. Arrangements made on the public side will ensure that the infrastructure can be healthier and more systematic.” said., which provides infrastructure to many charging operators in Turkey and has one of the country's most widespread charging networks with 250 charging points, emphasized that one of the most important measures taken against the world climate change problem is the replacement of engine technology, which is dependent on internal combustion fuel technology. General Coordinator Ece Şengönül said, “Currently, there are 24 million vehicles in our country and the fuel consumed by approximately 18 million road vehicles is 21 million tons. In summary, 21 million tons of fossil fuels extracted from underground sources are released into the atmosphere. We cannot stay alive for 3 minutes while a car with an internal combustion engine is running in a room. Our atmosphere is not infinitely large and can no longer regenerate itself due to the release of so much waste gas.” used the phrases.

Standards will be set at charging stations, consumers will be protected

According to research, as a result of the widespread use of electric vehicles, which is one of the steps that will contribute to the solution of climate change and air pollution problems, it is expected that 2030 million electric vehicles will be in traffic and 1 charging stations in Turkey by 20.000. General Coordinator Ece Şengönül said, “Electric vehicle drivers will change their energy consumption habits as if they were getting fuel from stations. At many points they will have the chance to recharge their vehicles. In this context, it is very important to protect consumer rights and ensure safety in the sector by determining the conditions under which public charging stations will be established and what their standards will be.” said.

Ministries have also started regulations regarding charging stations.

even more important in the coming years kazanIn order to create a certain standard for the electric vehicle charging stations that will be built, new regulations and laws have been determined in the public sector as well. E.g:

The Ministry of Health defined the charging stations as “unsanitary third class establishments”.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has determined the minimum number of charging stations that should be in residences. It has made it compulsory to have a charging station in the parking lots of newly opened residences.

The Ministry of Industry and Technology stated that it will create the technical specifications of the charging stations according to the TSE rules.

The Ministry of Energy EMRA (Energy Markets Regulatory Board) has been authorized to regulate the infrastructure of charging stations for electric vehicles with the new law approved by the parliament, and has started working on bringing regulations with the EMRA board decision.

With the Content Summary of the Draft Charging Service Regulation published by EMRA, the titles of all the rules that should be related to charging stations were explained:

  • It will be established, operated, decommissioned and inspected in accordance with the applicable legislation.
  • Counters suitable for the automatic meter system will be installed at the stations providing charging service.
  • The procedures and principles regarding payment systems will apply.
  • The measurements and settings of the units and devices at the charging stations will be regulated in accordance with the legislation.

New regulations will ensure comfort and safety General Coordinator Ece Şengönül, who made statements regarding the increase in the electric vehicle population with a strong acceleration and the public's regulations and provisions on this issue, said, "These regulations will set a standard in the work of current charging operators and will prevent our country from being filled with electric vehicle charging stations installed with wrong infrastructures. On the one hand, the comfort and safety of the consumer will be ensured. In the near future, the spread of electric vehicles day by day will progress more systematically and healthily. said.

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