Otokar's Electric City Bus Kent Electra Tested in Italy

Otokar's Electric City Bus Kent Electra Tested in Italy
Otokar's Electric City Bus Kent Electra Tested in Italy

Turkey's leading bus manufacturer Otokar continues its European promotions of its 12-meter electric city bus Kent Electra without slowing down. After Germany, Spain and Romania, the new stop of Kent Electra, which was produced with a cleaner environment, quieter traffic and high efficiency approach, was Italy. The 300-meter all-electric Kent Electra, which can offer a range of more than 12 kilometers on a full charge depending on its usage profile, was tested in 9 regions in Italy by private and public public transport companies for 1 month.

One of the Koç Group companies, Otokar, which has gained great acclaim in more than 50 countries with the technology, design and ergonomics of the vehicles it produces, continues to introduce its modern buses with advanced technology all over Europe. Otokar's 12-meter electric bus, Kent Electra, which has recently started its European promotional activities, has become Italy, after Germany, Spain and Romania.

Aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of cities, the vehicle was tested by private and public transport companies in Italy in 9 different cities and districts, primarily Milan. The knowledge and experience of Otokar R&D engineers on a global scale kazanKent Electra, developed with the experience they have gained; It also stands out with its large interior volume and the high level of comfort it offers for passengers.

Otokar's electric bus Kent Electra, which has made many innovations in fields such as alternative fuel vehicles, smart cities and safe transportation systems, draws attention in all the events it is exhibited. The promotional activities of Kent Electra, which is among the most ambitious vehicles of the sector, started in Munich, and will continue in France and Benelux in the coming days, taking place in Spain, Romania and Italy.

Kent Electra, designed with the aim of providing a cleaner environment, quieter traffic, lower operating costs and higher efficiency; In addition to its design, it stands out with its comfort, technologies and innovative solutions in the field of security. Kent Electra can offer a range of over 300 kilometers on a full charge, depending on the topography and usage profile. With its large interior volume, the vehicle offers better vision and comfort for its passengers.

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