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Sending money or paying bills, shopping, using virtual pos corporate services is very easy and FREE.

Digitalization is very important nowadays. kazanis gone. The new product of our age is the digital wallet. There is no need for a physical card in a digital wallet. You can access your money from your mobile phone or computer and do many transactions with your money. You can make payments with one click from your digital wallet, sending money you can do the operation. When using a digital wallet, you do not have any place and time limits. With this new development, it is now very easy to manage your money.

What is Payfix?

Payfix is ​​a new generation payment platform of the digitalized new age. This payment platform can provide financial solutions to its customers, both individually and corporately. Payfix closely follows all technological developments and changes. It produces technological solutions. Its biggest goal is to reach all needy people and institutions. That's why payfix is ​​a payment platform that follows innovations and has a young and dynamic staff. To this end, it takes many new and rewarding steps. Payfix is ​​a payment institution audited by the BRSA and is audited by the law numbered six thousand four hundred and ninety three. It operates as a payment institution licensed by the BRSA.

What can be done with Payfix?

Payfix is ​​a payment institution that offers both personal and corporate financial solutions. The financial services offered individually are as follows;

The financial solutions provided by the corporate can be listed as follows;

How to Become with Payfix?

Time is very precious to everyone. If you want to be with payfix, you don't need to deal with too many details. You can be with payfix wherever you can access the internet. All you have to do is enter the site and become a member. From your mobile phone or desktop computer You can have your wallet by entering the address.

What is Payfix Digital Wallet?

Payfix digital wallet is a digital wallet where you can do your financial transactions via computer or phone without the need for any physical card. You can make money transfers, corporate payments and collections from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Managing your money through a digital wallet is very easy. If you want, you can load money on your digital card and use it as you wish from your wallet. Apart from that, you can transfer money from your seven twenty-four wallets. By using Payfix digital wallet, you both benefit from the advantages and save money. If you want your loved ones to benefit from these advantages and save money, do not forget to recommend payfix to your circle.

Money Transfer with Payfix

The process of sending money payfix money transfer It is a process that you can complete by logging into your own account. You can do this operation seven twenty four. If you have money in your account, you can log in to any account or payfix accounts. payfix money transfer you can process. In order to send money, it is sufficient to know the payfix account of the person in front of you.

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