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container house
container house

Although the number of people who want to own a house is increasing day by day, unfortunately, due to inflation and increases in housing prices, most people have to give up this dream or go into debt. When the loans cannot be paid, owning a house turns into torture. Although not very common in Turkey, in foreign countries container Houses are one of the most preferred methods to deal with this economic problem. Container houses, which are becoming popular in Turkey today, offer more economical options to their buyers compared to normal houses. Moreover, it is suitable for all tastes and budgets. You can find the details in the rest of our news.

Container Houses Are Your Pocket Friend

trending container ev They are closed spaces produced as an alternative to concrete houses. These structures, which can be used as houses and serve many other purposes, have become popular because they are both economical and practical. With minimalism, which has become a lifestyle today, container houses are used both for long-term accommodation and for short-term holidays in rural areas. The assembly processes of the containers, whose production is completed in a very short time, take just as long. Due to its portability, it is very easy to transport and install. These structures, which can be completed within days after ordering, are structures that are completed quite quickly compared to concrete houses. They defy years when quality materials are used. They are resistant to natural disasters.

Karmod Container Housing Types

Karmod container houses are used for various purposes. Apart from the long-term accommodation option, it is also very preferred for periodical stays. A small chalet cottage among the forests in autumn, where you can light a fire and have a good time with your loved ones, or a summer house with a garden and veranda in front of you, where you can cultivate the land in the spring, where you are in touch with nature.

container houses

Container residences, which can go as far as your imagination can go, can be used as offices as well as being used as houses. Thanks to its assembly and completion in a short time, you can immediately provide the necessary office environment. It is also preferred for toilet, laundry, etc. purposes in construction areas. Containers with sizes up to 12 meters are produced and luxury residences are also produced. Therefore, it is possible to use it as a common living space that you will establish with your loved ones. For large families, two- or three-storey container houses are as good as concrete houses.

There are also more minimal 30 square meters containers available. These minimal structures, called "Tiny Houses", contain every space in which you can continue your life, from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the bed to the armchair. Such houses can contain all the items you need thanks to their smart design. The Tiny house movement, which started after the global economic crisis that started in 2008, actually emerged for the purpose of accommodation in Europe for citizens who could not buy a house due to the economic crisis. Thus, it was possible to survive in houses that cost less and at more affordable prices. Today, minimalism, which has developed as an anti-capitalist movement, says that it is best to make consumption at the minimum level. That's why tiny houses started to be produced again in accordance with this trend and started to attract attention in Turkey.

Container house interior view

Current Prices for Karmod Container Houses

Karmod container and prefabricated structures are produced with high quality and technology. Prices vary according to size and dimensions, starting from 30.000 TL. Compared to normal house prices, containers offer very economical options. Containers that can meet short-term indoor space requirements in construction sites are also highly preferred by construction companies. Since it is a movable structure, it provides great advantages in such structures and areas. The walls and roofs of Karmod containers, which are produced with high technology, are made with sandwich panels. Sandwich panels provide savings in this area thanks to thermal insulation.

Thus, it makes it easier for you to allocate less budget for heating the house. When choosing a container house, you should thoroughly research whether sandwich panels are used. Since some old model or second-hand containers do not have this system, the prices that seem economical to the buyer in the first place cause more expenses later on. In addition, the houses produced with a weldless system against the possibility of corrosion offer more durable structures. For more up-to-date prices and detailed information, you can reach Karmod prefabricated building technologies from Karmod website or contact numbers.

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