Katmerciler's HIZIR Armored Vehicles are on Duty in Uganda

Katmerciler's HIZIR Armored Vehicles are on Duty in Uganda
Katmerciler's HIZIR Armored Vehicles are on Duty in Uganda

HIZIR 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles, developed by Katmerciler, are on duty in Uganda People's Defense Forces. The Joint Security Forces of the Uganda People's Defense Forces conduct operations against illegal armed criminals in the Karamoja region. The Ugandan Ministry of Defense stated in a statement on the subject that the said operations will continue. It was stated that a large number of weapons and ammunition were seized in the operations that started in July 2021.

Ugandan Ministry of Defense SözcüIt was seen that the HIZIR 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles (TTZA) developed by Katmerciler took place in the post made by SU about the operations in the lower parts of the Karamoja region.

Katmerciler announced in 4 that the first export order for the HIZIR 4×20,7 armored vehicle worth $2019 million was received from an unnamed African country. In the post made by the company on July 20, 2020, the first batch of vehicle delivery was announced with a photo showing 15 HIZIR 4×4 armored vehicles waiting to be loaded on a ro-ro cargo ship at Mersin port.

The destinations of the armored vehicles were not announced and the ship was on its way to Africa. Images were shared on a social media account that stated that he was carrying out educational activities in Uganda. The footage shows Ugandan army uniformed military personnel and company personnel claiming to be in training activities. In addition, in the other reflected images, there were HIZIR TTZAs to be delivered to the Ugandan army.

Khidr Export to Kenya

Katmerciler signed a $91,4 million contract with the Kenyan Ministry of Defense for a comprehensive package consisting of the tactical wheeled armored vehicle HIZIR and its derivatives. The total amount of the package agreement, which consists of 118 vehicles of HIZIR and its derivatives, as well as spare parts and maintenance, is 91 million 415 thousand 182 dollars. Delivery of the vehicles will start in 2022 and will be completed in 2023. The agreement is Katmerciler's highest export agreement in a single item.

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