Tummy Tuck Is Not A Weight Treatment

Pay attention to the lubrication in the abdomen, legs, waist and hip areas.
Pay attention to the lubrication in the abdomen, legs, waist and hip areas.

The abundance of skin in the abdominal region, which is caused by the effect of time, birth and weight gain and loss, both visually disturbs the person and these excess skins cause restriction of movement. With tummy tuck surgery, it becomes possible to have a tight abdomen by removing excess skin. Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Defne Erkara gave information about tummy tuck surgery.

What is tummy tuck surgery?

Abdominoplasty is the process of removing the excess skin in the abdominal region caused by the reasons listed above and tightening the remaining abdominal skin by stretching. Thanks to this surgery, a more beautiful and tighter abdomen is obtained, and many movements in daily life that are prevented by loose skin are provided to be performed comfortably.

How is a tummy tuck done?

The majority of patients who applied with the request of a tummy tuck are women who have given birth. Especially after the second birth, some problems occur more in the abdomen. There are also women who have not given birth at a younger age and who have lost serious weight. Of course, the same situation can occur in men when weight is lost. Even if fat is removed in the abdomen, an excess of skin is formed. Then the liposuction process is not enough, the skin also needs to be removed. In such cases, tummy tuck surgery is required.

The most common abdominal surgery is the situation in which the abdomen hangs down like a skirt in women who have given birth to the second, third or even more, as it has been said before. In fact, it is so dramatic that the person cannot see the genital area and cannot clean it. Some wounds and problems occur in the skin under the area where this skin sags. Even if weight is lost, it is not possible to get rid of this skin. In fact, this abundance of skin is also available on the back in people who have a lot of weight gain and loss. Sometimes, it may be necessary to stretch the lumbar region at the same time as the abdomen is stretched. In the genital area, it is as if it has been separated from the abdomen and fallen down. While performing the surgery, that area should also be corrected.

To whom does it apply and to whom does it not apply?

Abdominoplasty can be performed on any adult who has sagging skin, is uncomfortable with this condition, and does not have a chronic disease. If he has a chronic disease, has not completed his birth, and if the weight loss process continues, the surgery may be delayed for a while. But of course, the doctor and the patient should decide together as a result of the examination.

How long does the operation take?

Abdominoplasty takes about 2 hours. Considering that the scar corresponding to the cesarean section is longer in this region, we must accept a line that will remain in the kilo. The navel location has already shifted downwards. This is transferred to the place where it should be normal. Generally, the sagging skin in the area from the bottom of the navel to the hairy area is removed. Up to this area, the abdominal wall is lifted and the abdomen is pulled down. Thus, a flat stomach is obtained.

At the same time, the falling part in the genital area is taken up. Cleaning of the genital area is facilitated, and its aesthetic appearance is corrected. Sometimes the abundance of skin in the upper navel area is not much. It's more at the bottom. Then we do what we call a mini tummy tuck. In this procedure, only a limited amount of skin is taken here, by entering a slightly longer cesarean section mark. The belly button doesn't move.

Points to be considered after surgery?

After tummy tuck surgery, we definitely put a drain. Sometimes we may not put it in a mini tummy tuck. The drain is removed the next day. Our patients stay in the hospital for one night and can go home the next day in the afternoon. They have to use a corset that they can take off and put on for about a month. Such a large sagging will not occur again when they gain weight or give birth again.

Is the age factor important?

It is very important to be over the age of 18. It would not be right to do a tummy tuck since the development has not been completed before. There is no upper limit on age. Abdominoplasty can be performed even at advanced ages as long as there is no chronic disease.

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