Gendarmerie Detects Rule Violations Before Christmas With Hawk's Eye

Gendarmerie Detects Rule Violations Before Christmas With Hawk's Eye
Gendarmerie Detects Rule Violations Before Christmas With Hawk's Eye

Gendarmerie teams, which increased air and land traffic controls before the New Year in Antalya, do not turn a blind eye to those who do not follow the rules.

In the inspections carried out by the Provincial Gendarmerie Command Traffic Branch Directorate teams from the air and land, controls regarding traffic order and safety are carried out.

A helicopter from the Aydın Fleet Command accompanies the teams, who set up checkpoints in different parts of the highways under their responsibility and conduct inspections on the coasts, from the air.

The traffic teams that took off during the inspections that they viewed from the special-purpose Sikorsky type helicopter called the "hawk's eye", made inspections on the Antalya-Alanya highway, Manavgat Side Tourism Zone and Antalya-Konya highway, where traffic density is expected to increase especially at the beginning of the New Year.

In the flight, especially dense areas were detected.

The drivers, who were determined to violate the traffic rules with high-tech thermal cameras, were reported to the teams at the checkpoints. Necessary penalties were applied to drivers who were stopped at these points.

In the controls, mostly inappropriate lane usage, wrong overtaking, not wearing seat belt or helmet, speed, cell phone use at the wheel, alcohol control were carried out.

Penalty for 260 Drivers

In the inspections in which those who violated the rules were determined, a total of 2 thousand 35 liras was imposed on 12 drivers from the air in 500 hours, and a total of 225 thousand liras was imposed on 145 drivers by the teams at the application points.

During the controls, 25 vehicles were banned from traffic, 5 wanted people were caught. Judicial and administrative proceedings have been initiated against the persons in question.

Gendarmerie officials stated that they will continue their inspections uninterruptedly in order to minimize driver faults in traffic accidents and to maximize the perceived risk of being caught in drivers.

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