Jale İris Gökçe Displays 'Angel Rainbow-Self' Rainbow Statue on Digital Platform

Jale İris Gökçe Displays 'Angel Rainbow-Self' Rainbow Statue on Digital Platform
Jale İris Gökçe Displays 'Angel Rainbow-Self' Rainbow Statue on Digital Platform

"Angel Rainbow-Self", a rainbow sculpture from the Self (2012-2013) series of Jale İris Gökçe, who defines herself as "Self-researcher", once again met with its audience on the digital platform with the virtual gallery.

Jale İris Gökçe, her views on the “Angel Rainbow-Self” rainbow sculpture and the virtual gallery;

“Angel Rainbow, Rainbow Angel, so I am a 'self researcher'. How limited is our ability to express ourselves without metaphors. For many years, I have been experimenting with research and interpretation on the axis of black-white, image-writing, deconstruction-reconstruction and human-angel. By always taking the Rainbow Angel to the center, of course. “Angel Rainbow”, which researches and interprets with colors and forms, that is, chasing new meanings, has turned into a metaphor of myself. Ever since I met art, I have tried to understand and explain myself, people and humanity. The empty and fragmented bewildered self of humanity. My self-object has become my memories, my artistic works, the things I feel close to… I put forward my thoughts about art in the article titled “Artwork as Self-Object”. This is probably why I did my proficiency in art/PhD thesis on art and especially on “self” in painting. My online exhibitions both in Istanbul Ramada and Pinelo Gallery in 2019 are a continuation of each other. These and my previous exhibitions “Iris: The Present of Exhibits Are Far” (Ankara 2013) and “Angel Rainbow” (Thessaloniki 2017) are all about the self. By emphasizing the chaotic nature of the world in these works, I invited the art, which is imprisoned in exhibition halls and museums, to go beyond these limits. In my last exhibition, I express the same reproach by referring to “Chaos” in 2019: “Pandemic! The question is, “Is it on Self?” In this exhibition, as the Rainbow Angel, I discussed the pandemic and asked; Is the problem with us? What I mean here is the fragmented empty and confused self of humanity. Unfortunately, we are not aware of our responsibilities as human beings towards the world. We have already exceeded the carrying capacity of nature. The global system is no longer sustainable. I think the pandemic is a slap in the face of mankind!

My latest exhibition, “Pandemi! Is the Problem in Self?” I lay myself down on the dissection table and say: “Is the problem still in 'Self'?” This time, I am again in the digital medium with my sculptures and installations from 2012-2013, which I have been working on for many years. ” he stated.

The virtual gallery where the rainbow sculpture “Angel Rainbow: Self” by Jale İris Gökçe is displayed. from links You can watch.

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