It will be harder to find a house in Bodrum this summer

It will be harder to find a house in Bodrum this summer
It will be harder to find a house in Bodrum this summer

Due to the rise in exchange rates, foreigners continue to flock to Bodrum. The flat, as well as those who buy land, have already started to rent houses for the summer period. Therefore, it will be much more difficult for local tourists to find a summer residence in Bodrum this summer.

'Full of strangers'

Providing information about the real estate market in Bodrum, Karanbey İnşaat Chairman Barış Özgenal said, “The streets and venues of Bodrum are full of foreigners these days. Some came here for a holiday, while others came here to invest. They are trying to buy both housing and land. For this reason, it is observed that there is a serious demand in the second hand housing market in Bodrum. Likewise, there is mobility in rental houses," he said.

They are renting a cottage

Noting that some of the foreigners are already planning their summer holidays, Özgenal said, “Foreigners usually make their holiday plans in winter. With the effect of both this and the effect of foreign currency, plans were started to be made for Bodrum as well. Some of them even rented houses where they would stay in the summer. Generally, rentals are made between 2-6 months.

'There will be no place left'

Pointing out that local tourists will have difficulty in finding a rental cottage due to the interest shown by foreigners, Özgenal said, “Most of the houses have already started to fill up. If it goes on like this, there will be no place left in March or April. In addition, due to the foreign exchange, homeowners prefer foreign holidaymakers. Therefore, it will be very difficult for domestic tourists to find a rental villa for the summer. Those who can find it need to ignore the serious fees," he said.

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