Innovative IONIQ 5 Runs To The Top

Innovative IONIQ 5 Runs To The Top
Innovative IONIQ 5 Runs To The Top

Hyundai's electric sub-brand IONIQ had a successful start to 2021 and increased its popularity in a short time. Attracting all the attention with its SUV model called “5”, IONIQ has now taken its place among the 7 cars that made it to the finals for the European Car of the Year award. The IONIQ 2002, which has made its mark in the COTY 5, a very prestigious award in the automotive world, will fight against its competitors as a fully electric model.

The IONIQ 5 has been selected from 2022 new models nominated for COTY 39. The car, which later made it to the finals, attracted the attention of authorities with its design, technology and electric motor performance and range. Just six months after its launch, the IONIQ 5 was named "Car of the Year" in Germany. Continuing this success in Australia, the car was named "Electric Car of the Year" and also "Car of the Year" in the general category.

The IONIQ 5, which is planned to be put on sale in Turkey next year, is built on the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), the platform developed by Hyundai Motor Group for electric models. Users can choose the IONIQ 5 with two different options, 58 kWh or 72,6 kWh. The innovative car is also offered with two different drive systems, four-wheel or rear-wheel drive. The rear-wheel drive and 72,6 kWh version has a maximum driving range of 481 kilometers on a single charge, according to WLTP. The IONIQ 5 also stands out with its powerful performance and ultra-fast charging.

Thanks to 800V charging technology, the vehicle can be charged from 18 percent to 10 percent in just 80 minutes at fast DC charging stations. In addition, Vehicle Loading (V2L) technology can be used to power and charge any electronic device such as laptops or e-scooters while driving or parked.

Car of the Year (COTY) has a very important place in the sector as one of the most sought-after awards in the automotive industry. Consisting of 23 senior automobile journalists from 61 countries across Europe, the jury member evaluates the listed models based on criteria such as design, technology, road performance and price/performance balance.

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