Improvement in Wages of VET Students

Improvement in Wages of VET Students
Improvement in Wages of VET Students

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said that a more productive period started with the regulation that included the state contribution to the vocational training internship, which was accepted in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Minister Özer stated that vocational education plays an important role in raising the human resources needed for the economic development of countries and said, “As the Ministry of National Education, we attach great importance to vocational and technical education. While we increase the quality of vocational technical and Anatolian high schools and strengthen our cooperation with the sector, we also attach great importance to increasing the capacity especially in vocational training centers. Vocational education centers are the equivalent of dual vocational education in Germany in Turkey, where students go to school 1 day a week and receive training in a business environment 4 days a week.

Explaining the details of the state contribution to the vocational training internship accepted in the Parliament, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said, “Our students who attend vocational training centers during their 4-year education are paid 3/1 of the monthly minimum wage. They are also insured against work accidents and occupational diseases. As our President also explained in his group speech, two important improvements were achieved with the amendment to the Vocational Education Law No. 3308. One of them is now one-third of the minimum wage that students who attend vocational training centers receive each month from the state. In other words, it has lifted the burden on the employer. Therefore, it has become very attractive for employers to recruit students from vocational training centers to their businesses and contribute to their education. On the other hand, our students who become journeymen at the end of their 3rd year will be able to receive half of the minimum wage, not 1/3 of the minimum wage, while they continue to the 4th year, that is, the last year. When you consider the improvement made in the minimum wage this year, that is, when we talk about a rate of 3 thousand 1 TL, it will be about 4 thousand 250 TL for journeyman and 2 TL for our students who continue their vocational education from high school.” he said.

Emphasizing that the new regulation will make vocational training centers more attractive for students and employers, Minister Özer said, “The most important feature of this is: There is no age limit to register to vocational training centers, it is enough to be a secondary school graduate. Therefore, vocational training centers will be very active in reducing the reported youth unemployment rates in Turkey. Now the employer says, 'I can't find the employee I'm looking for.' The excuse will have disappeared because there will be no financial burden on the employer in the training at the vocational training center, and the state will undertake all of it.” said.

2021 patents, utility models, designs and trademark registrations in 1441

Minister Özer said that intellectual property has a very critical function in the economic development of a country and said, “Not only the registration of intellectual property rights, but also their commercialization and the shift of the economy towards sectors with high added value are also critical for the development of a country. We, as the Ministry of National Education, have taken very important steps to develop the capacity related to intellectual property, which should actually be in higher education, in basic education and secondary education. First of all, we started vocational technical training. Because vocational technical education has the capacity to produce many products from patents, useful designs to trademark registration. We mobilized that capacity.” he said.

Minister Özer stated that they did not limit this capacity only to vocational and technical education and said, “We have also allocated it to science and art centers. Science and art centers are an out-of-school education unit where our gifted students receive education and develop their skills. We organized trainings in science and art centers with the support of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in order to enable our talented students here to turn to this field. We have taken important steps regarding the orientation of our teachers and students towards this field. It turned out to be an incredible performance. While aiming to register 2021 patents, utility models and trademarks in 753, we obtained the registration of 1 products before the end of 441 year. This really showed what a great capacity the Ministry of National Education has in this field at the secondary education level.” said.

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