Gymnastics Special Gym from IMM

Gymnastics Special Gym from IMM
Gymnastics Special Gym from IMM

IMM arranged the Çamlık Sports Facility in Pendik in such a way that gymnastics can be done in order to train the future Olympic champions. In the facility, children between the ages of 3 and 6 are given training in many areas of gymnastics, from basic movement training to pull-ups.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which aims to spread the Olympic spirit to all areas of the city in Istanbul and to make children individuals who grow up with sports, has implemented another project. The multi-purpose facility, which previously served for various team and indoor sports, now also offers training in gymnastics. Families can watch the lessons given by the expert trainers of SPOR ISTANBUL from a tribune of 100 people. Registration for continuing education with 30 students continues at


For the first time, a comprehensive maintenance and repair work was carried out at the Çamlık Sports Facility. After the basketball hoops and scoreboard were removed, the ventilation system was renewed and the physical conditions of the facility were improved. After the renovation works, the floor of the 672 square meter floor was made suitable for gymnastics by the IMM Youth and Sports Directorate. gymnastic carpets; Tools and equipment such as gymnastic box, parallel bar, pull-up bar, pull-up bar, balance beam, ring equipment, trampoline and climbing ladder were brought to İBB Pendik Çamlık Gymnastics Hall, where caterpillar, batter, triangle and cylinder cushion applications are made.


Basic Movement Training is given to children between the ages of 3 and 5 in the hall. In these trainings, basic motor skills such as jumping, jumping, grasping, throwing, falling, walking, running and coordination are taught to children. kazanis intended to be. The basic movement trainings, which are held in four sessions and 10 lessons, two sessions on weekdays and two sessions on weekends, have a capacity of 40 students.


Artistic Gymnastics training is given to children between the ages of 4 and 6 at İBB Pendik Çamlık Gymnasium. In the facility, where ground movements, ring, jumping horse, parallel bars and pull-ups trainings are held for male students, ground movements, jumping horse, female parallel, balance and asymmetrical parallel movements are also provided for female students. The trainings in this branch are given as eight sessions and 20 lessons in five days in total, with three sessions on weekdays and four sessions on weekends.


Trainings at the facility are held within the scope of IMM Sports Schools, which lasts for two months. After this period, it is aimed to form performance groups with the determination of the trainers and to direct the identified students to these groups. The training of performance groups is planned to continue for one year. In addition to the Pendik Çamlık Gymnasium, İBB provides gymnastics training in 14 more sports facilities. A total of 215 students attend these trainings.

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