Historical Step for İZTAŞIT in Menemen

Historical Step for İZTAŞIT in Menemen
Historical Step for İZTAŞIT in Menemen

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer brought together the minibus shopkeepers from Menemen, who have been competing for years. The heads of tradesmen shaking hands expressed their declaration of unification under one roof. The historical reconciliation was the first step of the İZTAŞIT service in Menemen.

Mehmet Demirel, President of Menemen Passenger Buses Motor Carriers Cooperative No. 34, which provides public transportation services between Izmir Bus Station and Menemen, and Lütfi Çember, President of the Menemen Minibuses Chamber, came together with the invitation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer. A 'historical reconciliation' emerged from the meeting held at the Presidency. Despite working on the same line, the tradesmen, who have been competing with each other for many years, took a very important step towards unity. Shaking hands, Demirel and Çember declared that they would unite under 'one roof'.

Congratulating both presidents, President Soyer said, “This historic step you have taken will contribute to Izmir's public transportation and to our citizens to receive much more qualified service. On behalf of the people of Izmir, I thank you. As in Seferihisar, the owners of İZTAŞITs in Menemen and all surrounding districts will be members of chambers and cooperatives that have been doing individual transportation there since the past. With the logic of private public buses, we will not sell these lines by tender. We will develop the business of our real owners and driver tradesmen who have been doing this business for years, and we will grow their bread. Let everyone know and be sure that; Behind İZTAŞIT, there is the spirit of being from İzmir and the love of the people in the leaven of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and ESHOT.”

Join first, meet later

After the agreement reached, the 66-member Menemen Passenger Buses Motor Carriers Cooperative No. 34 and the 71-member Menemen Minibuses Chamber will unite under a new name and under one roof. Then, İZTAŞIT meetings will begin with the ESHOT General Directorate.

ESHOT supervised service

The İZTAŞIT project, developed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate in order to institutionalize the minibus shopkeepers working between the surrounding districts and the city center, was first put into service in December 2019 in Seferihisar. There, the transport tradesmen were united under one roof, new buses replaced the minibuses, and ESHOT-controlled İZTAŞIT expeditions began.

Not cash, Izmirim Card

With İZTAŞITs, the era of 'cash' in public transportation is ending; Izmirim Card period begins. Passengers are not at random points; It safely hops on and off at bus stops. İZTAŞIT's also provide services to neighborhoods where ESHOT buses cannot enter. Like this; Thanks to İzmirim Card, students, teachers, 60 years old, over 65 years old, disabled, veteran and martyr's relatives have the opportunity to benefit from discounted and free public transportation service.

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