GWM Turntable Sales Over 2 Million Worldwide

GWM Turntable Sales Over 2 Million Worldwide
GWM Turntable Sales Over 2 Million Worldwide

Representatives of the GWM turntable brand announced that their total global sales have exceeded 2 million units, making them the first Chinese turntable brand to show such a high performance. The turntable is the first product produced by GWM, and according to official statistics, sales of GWM turntables have been increasing at a rapid pace for several years. Worldwide sales in 2019 reached 7,85 units, up 148 percent compared to the previous year.

These sales climbed 2020 percent to 51,2 units in 225. Especially GWM POER, Wingle 5 and Wingle 7 were in the top three as unique models offered for sale in the world pickup market.

In the first quarter alone this year, 187k GWM unit pickups were sold; It was noteworthy that 16 thousand units of GWM POER were sold for 10 months in a row. In October 2021, GWM turntables had sold more than 14 units for 20 consecutive months. At the Guangzhou 2021 Auto Show, the brand introduced models, one of which is the super design Jingang POER and also Heidan. These models are expected to make a positive contribution to the increase in sales.

Zhang Haobao, general manager of GWM's turntable division, states that with regard to the future, GWM turntables will be among the top three best-selling turntable companies in the world, with annual sales of 2025 units by 500.

Source: China International Radio

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