Fruit and Fish Should Be Consumed for a Stronger Immunity

Fruit and Fish Should Be Consumed for a Stronger Immunity
Fruit and Fish Should Be Consumed for a Stronger Immunity

The Turkish Red Crescent, which attaches special importance to the "Public Health" title in its new term studies, warned for a stronger immune system against the current winter season and the coronavirus pandemic. Red Crescent Kartal Hospital Specialist Dietitian Nurdan Çeliktaş said, "For a strong immunity, fruits such as oranges and kiwis and fish rich in omega 3 should be consumed frequently."

A healthy, adequate and balanced diet is of great importance for the healthy development of children and youth, as in all age groups. The fact that especially children in schools and young people with high social mobility have a strong immune system closely affects the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the society. Allocating a special place to “Public Health” in its 2030 Strategic Plan, the Turkish Red Crescent issued a series of warnings for a healthier society. Kızılay Kartal Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Uzm. Dietitian Nurdan Çeliktaş pointed out the importance of a healthy diet, pointing out that in addition to the coronavirus pandemic, colds and flu are among the most common diseases of the season.

What foods should be consumed to strengthen immunity

exp. dit. Nurdan Çeliktaş said, “Vitamins such as selenium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E are antioxidants. Broccoli is rich in vitamins A and C, carrots are rich in vitamin A, kiwi is rich in vitamin C. Therefore, vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, celery, carrots, Brussels sprouts; Fruits such as kiwi, orange, apple, grapefruit, pineapple, tangerine should be consumed. exp. dit. Celiktas, Dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt and kefir contain both calcium and vitamin D. It is also found in seafood, egg yolk, and sun-exposed mushrooms. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish such as salmon, anchovy and horse mackerel are effective in fighting viruses and bacteria, as well as in the development of brain functions. Fish should be benefited two or three times a week," he said.

Protein Consumption

Stating that chicken and red meat consumption should also be made regularly, as it is responsible for tissue repair and protecting muscles. dit. Çeliktaş said, “Chicken is a source of zinc and red meat is a source of iron. Red meat, offal, dark green leafy vegetables, molasses, dried fruits are rich in iron. Stating that hard-shelled nuts such as raw almonds, raw walnuts, and raw hazelnuts are rich in vitamin E and Selenium, Çeliktaş emphasized that 15-20 grains should be consumed in the daily diet of especially children and young people.

Legumes and water should be consumed to strengthen the digestive system.

Kızılay Kartal Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Uzm. dit. Nurdan Çeliktaş said, "Dried legumes such as chickpeas, green lentils and dried beans with high fiber content should be included two or three times a week in order to prevent digestive problems with the decrease of movement in winter." Çeliktaş said, “You should stay away from sugar and sugary foods, dough foods, and grains such as whole grain bread and bulgur with high pulp content should be included to a certain extent. In addition, water ensures the balancing of body temperature and removal of toxic substances from the body. Therefore, 1,5 to 2,5 liters should be drunk daily,” he said.

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