Statement from MASFED on Automobile Stocking

Statement from MASFED on Automobile Stocking
Statement from MASFED on Automobile Stocking

Motor Vehicle Dealers Federation (MASFED) made a statement regarding the news in some media that "by collecting vehicles in dealers, they created a monopoly and affected the increase in vehicle prices". The following statements were made in the statement made by MASFED:

“As the Motor Vehicle Dealers Federation (MASFED), we have been obliged to make a press release regarding the news, which has been in the media in the last days, that the registered motor vehicle dealers are penalized on the grounds that they create a monopoly by collecting the vehicles in the dealers and affect the increase in vehicle prices.

As the Motor Vehicle Dealers Federation, which represents 70 thousand motor vehicle dealers, we have been expressing the problems experienced in the sector for a long time, and we continue to work uninterruptedly at the point of solution proposals. The increase in the prices of second-hand vehicles, which has been on the agenda for a while, is one of the issues that we and our citizens suffer from.

Motor vehicle dealers, who work in accordance with professional ethical rules, are registered and pay taxes, are not companies that have large enough capital to stock up, and they cannot buy vehicles from dealers selling new vehicles. Because, in case the dealers make sales, the dealership contracts are canceled unilaterally. We want this to be known to the public.

MASFED, which carries out serious works to tidy up the profession and the sector and to prevent grievances, will be against those who are not related to the profession, who buy and sell vehicles and cause the prices to increase, as well as those who seek unfair profits and who are stockists, if any. However, we would like to share that we will always stand by our colleagues who are under suspicion, who do their job properly and who have been wronged.

As we have repeatedly brought to the agenda, nearly 2020 million vehicles changed hands in Turkey in 9, of which only 1 million 600 thousand were motor vehicle dealers and automobile dealers. Most of them were bought and sold by people who do not pay any taxes to the state, and which we refer to as standing up. These people buy vehicles from dealers as they wish and cause prices to increase. Tradesmen who are registered to the Ministry of Commerce, who practice this business as a profession, are constantly inspected, however, no action is taken for unregistered people. It brings this matter to the attention of those concerned in this sensitive period; We also demand from the Ministry of Treasury, Finance and Commerce to monitor and take necessary actions against individual sellers who buy vehicles from dealers like users, post advertisements on resale sites at high prices and try to sell them, and engage in black market activities informally.

Again, it has been reported that large capital companies abroad, which is one of the biggest reasons for the increase in second-hand vehicle prices, entered Turkey to buy bulk vehicles, rented the car parks of various shopping malls in Istanbul by purchasing mass vehicles from all provinces and were stockpiling. We consider it our duty to deliver.

Finally, if we touch on another issue that has suffered victimization, companies whose job is to rent a fleet should not be accused of stocking up on new vehicles they buy in order to be able to rent them. These companies rent their vehicles and then sell their old rental cars as second-hand in the market.

As MASFED, he reiterates that we are always with our colleagues whose profession is only to trade motor vehicles, who do this with an honest and ethical business understanding, and who pays taxes to the state. We wish the chip crisis to end and normalization in the industry to take place.”

Günceleme: 16/12/2021 17:48

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